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Must have been a micro rabbit,Fox or badger as it was set and tied in artificial tunnel with small entrance for mink ,covered in foliage and rocks.

If I were to cover a trap with rocks and foliage I doubt I would ever find it again.
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Im thinking about getting my post code stamped on the trap tongues wont stop somebody stealing them but i will know they where mine if i ever see them again

good idea :thumbs:


their was a keeper i know in yorkshire i knew and over the years he had hundreds of traps and snares stolen...any how one day he gets a shout from a pall saying he was driving thru a village and their was a garage door open and inside was hundreds and hundreds of traps.... so he rung the police and they all went down and the keeper says yeh their my traps...copper said how do you know? i just do says the keeper...... not good enugh says the copper


so stamping your traps could be worth it in the ling run......the guy who stole them by the way? was a avid anti and had been beating on the estate for years to "gather intell" and trap sites

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