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  1. cheers, thanks for looking big napper. Hope you find something closer [BANNED TEXT]
  2. Ref bed/whippet. I am located in Pembrokeshire West Wales Ref your question XD, you've answered it yourself. Ref big napper: I expect an outcome in a couple of weeks, as FAO visited two weeks ago. He said it looked good for ticket and he would tick all my boxes. However as we all know the final decision is not his to make! When asked how long my application would take from the date of his visit he said " you should hear something in three to four weeks" That was on the 05/03.. Nothing is final until the fat lady sings. Ref mhopten: because i want to sell it to fund a new or second hand .
  3. Due to a recent application for my FAC i am now waiting for confirmation or denial from my local constabulary. Being unsure of their decision or the date of arrival of my ticket i have decided to post one of my Air Rifles on the forum as it will be surplus to requirements if my FAC is granted. However if my application fails then i would obviously want to retain the rifle as it stands me £500 and would be difficult to replace at that cost in todays market .Purchased from new by myself for my youngest sons introduction to hunting, the rifle has had nominal use and is in all round good conditio
  4. great stance, looks great. How did you get rid of the smell? i have trapped a few of them and my van has stunk for days.
  5. must have watched you checking it or setting it yesterday. i have lost mole traps in sight of the road due to someone seeing me out of a car window. always gutting loosing ones kit.
  6. hello, those mounts look really high for such a flat round, is there a problem with bolt clearance with that model rifle ?
  7. dam shame your the other side of the country
  8. would you swap just the rifle set up as have gun safe etc, have air arms s200 mk1 with tuning screw, 10 shot conversion aa silencer bsa 4x12x40 scope with parallax, good condition well looked after. pm me for pics if interested, will pay rfd both ways.
  9. I never ferret during the summer months due to fleas and ticks, if the winter is mild baby rabbits can be found underground on boxing day. I find the wind direction is the key to rabbits bolting. Wind from the east rabbits bolt least. Good westerly they fly out of the ground. Last time i ferreted on an easterly i had to dig six from seven. Im sure its do do with the way scent travels around the buries, one thing is for sure even the hounds have trouble finding scent when its easterly.
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