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(Lowa)Nubuck Leather Boot Maintenance?

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What is the best cleaning maintenance routine for nubuck leather?

After the last couple of pairs of LOWA hunters went to shit, after little more than 1 seasons use each,it was agreed after a lot of return visits and constant phone calls that my boots were to be replaced,now I have always followed shop instructions to maintain my previous 2 pairs,which I now realize was incorrect advise,im constantly hearing/reading of lads that have these particular boots for 5-6 seasons and still going strong.

So what is the correct after care of these boots?



wet proofing?

in what order, and what product?

with this latest pair which were replaced free of charge I asked for the best care product and was given a nikwax spray which when I got home read the instructions which stated it was for full grain leater,which left me stumped.

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Hi mate I have just got a pair for xmas and I used a spray on water proof and was utter shite so I used a product from unicorn leather its a old sadlers blend and made my boots a little darker but works 100% so after cleaning them with warm soapy watter let them dry and rub in the waterproofer from unicorn leather after a while rub off the exes it also conditions them its a totaly natural product too

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I used jojo on mine mate the nubuck leather 1 though. Mine are a bit done now and to be honest I didn't treat them as much as I should.

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You know what's strange mate.

I wore lowa boots the black ones for years mate.

In really harsh conditions for very long periods of time.

Piss wet through jumpin in rivers on Monday.

Walking round with 100lb on yer back all week on exersise.

All I done was put black polish on them on Friday when I got back in.

Polished them on Monday and ready to go.

They lasted for years and years and didn't leak.


Only thing I didn't like bout lowa boots.

The rubber around the side comes away at the bend in the foot.

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