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Wiltshire Clubs

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I'm pretty sure there's a public range/club in Barton Stacey just off the 303 east bound towards the M3 iv only seen signes when driving past tho !!!

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There is a 22 rf club and range just outside devizes open every Monday evening 7-11ish.And google Devizes Shooting Centre I think they are opening a gallery range soon they also have an air rifle range


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Hi all can anyone help me I'm looking to find clubs local to me for center fire and rim fire I'm in Swindon wiltshire.


Not much that close round here I'm afraid, shame really as we've got some cracking land.


There's a centre fire range in Kemble (Corinium Rifle Range) and as mentioned before a rimfire club in Devizes. There's a centre fire range out at Severnside, just the other side of the Severn bridge.


There are other rimfire clubs but they're about 25-45 miles away although I've heard of one in Chippenham but haven't investigated that one as another poster said they had quite a backlog for applications.

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