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  1. If you have good reason (i.e they're an issue on your shooting rights) and you have the appropriate calibre then there's little to stop the police in preventing you. The DSC isn't part of legislation to 'qualify' you to hold a larger calibre but the police seem to like mentioning it. I was recommended to do the DSC1 before I shot deer unaccompanied and I had a condition to state I should stalk with an experienced shot but that wasn't well defined and I'd passed by DSC1 on first time of asking with 3 weeks' revision and no previous deer experience at all (neither shot nor simulated stalk). As soon as I passed the course I could stalk by myself. I can shoot straight and true with no issues and understand the kill zones on animals to ensure the most humane approach but I do find it a bit of a joke that one weekend in a classroom with a few tests can all of a sudden make me a more responsible, trustworthy individual and fine to romp across the fields by myself. Felt like a bit of box ticking from the police... That said, I found the course really useful and would recommend it to anyone that is (relatively) new to stalking as I found it gave me a good bit of knowledge that was a good base for the real learning that happens in the field, especially the messy stuff that happens after the trigger is pulled and you realise it's a mile back to the car with a dead weight. I'd be inclined to sort your land out and apply for the calibre(s) or conditions without mentioning the DSC, they may not mention it and you can crack on. If you are interested in deer control / sourcing your own venison then the DSC1 is a good starting point. Just my two pennies. Good luck mate
  2. Down the range my 10/22 loves RWS Semi-Auto ammo. Haven't had a feed issue with these well lubed rounds. Out in the field the Eley subs seem hard to beat in the Ruger or my CZ455. Must say that the Ruger hasn't been out in a while (since the CZ arrived) and I don't think that will change thanks to the difference in accuracy
  3. Love my club as it provides a good indoor range, good bunch of people to learn from and access to comps. I do more at my club than I do in the field now and have recently started shooting for the county in LSR comps. Wouldn't be without it.
  4. Should be a bit of fun for you A .223 should do you for the ranges you're looking at (and far beyond) without denting your pocket on the ammo front. For factory stuff PPU knock out some cheap rounds (Serbian I think) but they may not perform amazingly well in all guns - but plenty cheap enough to test and disregard if they don't do the business on the targets.
  5. ^ always one knob lurking around the forums Thank you for your valued contribution. Daft prick Just pointing the OP back towards the answers he got the first time he asked that question.
  6. Do you think i would put a pic up if i never ??? Not A quarry photo at all but a mercy mission. Haha, no I don't. It was a genuine question and I guess it's a bit daft (along with many other things about the licensing process) that you need the condition if you pick up a rifle but there's nothing to stop the same person picking up their shotgun and doing the same job with a different tool. Looks like a crap job done well there sir. Not easy having to step outside the regular beat but the farmer won't forget your help in a long while I bet.
  7. One of the more random quarry photos! Do you have to have humane dispatch as a condition on your FAC for that sort of thing?
  8. Brick wall is best but doesn't have to be. Both mine are secured to an internal wall in a relatively newly built place. Out of sight of the common visitor and firmly fixed to the wall (also taking the skirting boards etc into account).
  9. Delivered fine this morning, looks great and want to thank Dave for such a good transaction
  10. No worries, I use an air arms S510 (with a PH mod for added weight at the business end). I find it helps with my stability and the noise a little too. Off hand is always a good skill to have in your locker
  11. Yep, this isn't just restricted to open cert holders. I have AOLQ on my .223 to cover me for Muntjac I might see if on the farm with that one instead of the .243 (Fox was my main reason)
  12. The ones mentioned on the rangefinder thread you started ten days ago look pretty good.
  13. For me it's 10 shots scoring 95+ on a PL14 centre target at 20-25 yards. I'd be confident taking shots at this distance all day long with my rifle
  14. Agree with Walshie here (aside from the last point). I have both of these and they do a good job, a great job even if you get the right ammo. My only gripe is that the 16" barrel on the CZ452 American makes it look and feel like a toy gun in my hands. I'm not a giant (6'3" and 16 stone) but it feels too light and small for me so it gets left behind when I go down to the permission and in fact it's off to a new owner within the next week or so. Good gun, solid and reliable but just ensure you're comfortable with it on all aspects of your shooting.
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