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Scope Mounting Help Please

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Im mounting a scope on my AA s510 and am getting in a bit of a tizz with it :wallbash: , this is how im trying to do it, so can anyone help please.


1. Gun on bipod with small spirit level on top of breach and leveled.


2. Scope mounts securced to rifle, this is where the first problem is as when i put the level across the mounts they aint level although the gun is


3. Assumin 2 is correct place scope on mounts and whilst all still level look through scope at plumb line to make sure its straight.


so does it matter that the mounts seem to be out, and how far should the plumb line be from the scope. I dont want to mess this up as it obviously affects accuracy the further out you go.


thanks in advance guys, Paul :signthankspin:


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ha ha been there paul,i have a level level level system but only one of the levels ever gets used. make sure the breach is level and that matches your plum line job done .unless your spending big money on mounts dont expect too much.of corse none of this anal atention to detail matters unless your going to fix an anti cant device.you might be amazed how much you actually cant a rifle even though it is level.i use a third eye tactical uni mount on my 223 it is an awesome bit of kit but sadly no one makes such a thing for air or rimfire ???.

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This all sounds a bit complicated to me?

Firstly when the mounts are nipped into the dovetails they should be identical in height along the barrel axis as that's how they are made!

Next with the scope dropped into the mounts lightly fit one top strap, now with the bases loose enough to be slid in the dovetails, and the scope also

loose in the single mount, move the mounts and scope until you achieve a comfortable head position and correct eye relief on the sight picture.

It's best to do this standing in a rest, as your head position changes from standing to sitting and I presume you will be standing when shooting most

of the time?

Getting the reticule in 'plumb' is nowhere near as important as getting the eye relief and rings correctly positioned, I don't use any 'plumb' aids but judge

the 'straightness' of my Ret myself, but if you must carry on.

Now fit the other top strap, check eye relief and 'your' plumb, then gently nip the screws up with an allen key or torx key, check again and if ok nip up

until it feels right, NOT to tight.

Scope mounting should also be low over the barrel, almost touching if possible, NO 15mm+ of daylight thanks, if it is your rings are too tall.


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Alot of turret caps on cheap scopes dont line up with crosshairs comes down to qualiyy control and made to a price.


I do all my scopes the same


Put bipod on rifle


Set on solid bench


Set level on breech


Shim with paper cardboard below legs of bipod until level


Grab or borrow a large level small one's are not as accurate for this particular job


Set large level vertical about 40yards with a white back ground behind it as its easier to see your reticle


Adjust scope until level with the large level yhen move out to 80/100yards and check again.


A plum line will also work but when its windy it can be a pain in the rectum


Found when I did it in the garage then went outside at further ranges it was off by a small margin.

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