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  1. Dicehorn answered that brilliantly , personally i would be going down not up .if you take the time to run it through an app unless your a top competition shooter there is no point pushing for that extra 1-200 fps.its just an extra click of a turret and makes small difference on wind call.
  2. zx10mike

    First attempt - got lucky

    if there the varmint grenades there a real safe expansion round.i have used them in .204 and 6mm br.i see them as a 3-400 yard bullet because that gaping meplat kills the bc and other bullets with tips just stomp them further out.
  3. zx10mike

    First attempt - got lucky

    lucky bugger lol it took me years to get groups like that.very nicely done.
  4. zx10mike

    What am i doing wrong

    Agree with dicehorn, good advice.
  5. zx10mike

    Foxes with HMR

    the problem was the shot was taken about 120 yards.smashed the front leg but it still went like f*** turning and jumping.each shot to try and stop it was getting further and further away on a windy night.just to clarify not six hits.as soon as that fox make 200 + on a windy night going like a train it made life hard.not a nice experience to witness.
  6. zx10mike

    Foxes with HMR

    i have seen a guy once hit a fox centre mass with a hmr and it took 6 in total before it was finished. it was an invite out and in my opinion a heavier bullet with more energy would have stopped it the first time. the light bullet drifted in wind and hit the front leg ,the expansion caused massive injury but not to vital organs.a hevier round in this case would not have drifted as much and punched through better.like i say a hmr is ok in the right hands.
  7. zx10mike

    Foxes with HMR

    i normally cringe when i gear hmr for fox because it can go tits up.nice to read a good post with one bieng used in the right hands.
  8. zx10mike

    Hello from Evehsam, Worcestershire

    nice part of the country i used to live in alcester
  9. zx10mike


    go with gem pro .no gimmicks just scales.damn good ones
  10. zx10mike

    Whitetail Classic 1.5 -5 X 20

    great scopes for the £££ light and you wouldnt know about the x20 obj looking through.not tried one with nv.
  11. zx10mike

    17 Hornet

    to be honest i would just use 20 grn data 3 grn bullet weight isn't going to make much difference imo you might get half a grain more powder if chasing speed.yeh meant vit pal.
  12. zx10mike

    17 Hornet

    plenty of load data online bud .i went with 1680 and vis 120.the 17 grn are pulled from hmr personally i would go with 20 grn. there is a forum called saubier that is a small cal forum.enjoy a great cal.
  13. join a casual range that will shoot to 100 yds.this will allow you to zero any rifles ready for a day.next step look into the odd payed day stalking .if a bit of foxing turns up you can add that to conditions at a later date.permision is the key to getting the most out of a firearm but as you say time is tight.
  14. zx10mike

    Best Scope For A 223

    beggars belief hawk and vortex are advised when you can get a second hand leupold for that .as we speak i know a second hand 6.5x20 with target turrets 30mm tube and growlers gonads glass for that ?????
  15. great going with 8x mag.its surprising considering 308 is pants ballistically just well some guys can use them.once you have done it there is no turning back.how long do you give it before your trying it again ?