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  1. compoundarcher

    North Cornwall Hunt Show

    nothing listed for Bedlingtons....might pay a visit as I'm near there on Saturday....
  2. compoundarcher

    Electronic Bird Callers Illegal In Uk

    illegal to call for shooting but legal for photographic purposes birds only fox calls are legal...
  3. just brought two sealed lead acid 24 amp hour batteries for £50 delivered...same size as 17amp hour but more power....chap has quite a few for sale if interested pm me for details... also 18 amp hour available at £22 each plus postage £4.99 buy two get free postage... these are back up batteries been tested and are good ...good value for money...will run magnet and a flapper all day
  4. compoundarcher

    New Scope For .22Lr

    i like the mag as you sometimes have to wind it up to loose reflections back from the mod if to low magnification when you use a torch on top...mine is the 4-16 mamba lite...
  5. compoundarcher


    They are very good indeed i have used one solid every day for months as i am a Vaper (e-cigs) and never had the slightest problem....i have had Three! yes three ultra fires burn out on me in as many months (Vaping for 2 years now) I regularly charge 4-6 batteries every day and i trust the Nitecore i4 and i2 to charge then auto switch off....before that i would only charge batteries when attended. I recently sold out of i4 chargers and a chap came around for some torches i sold him my own charger as he did not want to wait for a new delivery...I had a brand new spare Ultrafire rapid charger (free gift from torch reseller in china) it charged four nitecore batteries ok then i put in the hi mAh panasonics...it caught on fire about 30 minutes into the charge setting off the hallway smoke detector..lots of smoke but not much burning as i had retro fitted a 1 amp fused uk cable as the power lead (my advice to you)...hence the heads up i left about these Ultrafire Rapid chargers not being left unattended recently... I just think it makes sense to buy from the UK then you have a come back if its needed..that was the point i was trying to get across..theres normally a catch somewhere along the line when stuff is sold cheaper than the official versions American Dewalt products are the same ....buy non CE approved versions (ebay and amazon) and the Dewalt UK repair centres won't touch them....I know from personal experience
  6. compoundarcher


    yeah phone the UK Importer and ask....01460 240336 ask for Antony (nice Chap) warranty but not UK based....if it goes wrong enjoy extra duty and the postage cost you not even got a UK lead chap....definite unofficial import...you might have saved just a few quid but will not have the comfort of knowing to send it to Uk importer...for warranty please send to manufacture .....China.. Unofficial imports are NOT covered by the UK importer.. Has the warranty card been stamped...lol For peace of mind please use official imports it could save you time and lots of money too oh and Airbourne change that lead plug as it not even fused...3 amp fuse or lower required any twin pin electrical lead will fit (radio hifi etc)
  7. C8 torch and universal gun mount £25 delivered
  8. 7 crees make this torch very bright...3 18650 batterys gunmetal finish £40 plus £5 postage
  9. Solarstorm Raging 5 cree 5000 lumens torch takes four 18650 li-ion batterys 5 modes a little bit bigger than a can of beans... removable handle so can fit in pocket or use the handle outside pocket as a clip £40 plus postage £5
  10. Trustfire T1 1600 lumen twin battery 18650 £30 plus postage £5 5 modes high med low strobe sos very bright general use torch
  11. compoundarcher


  12. compoundarcher

    Lamping Lights

    don't take my word for it... http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/308261-ultra-fire-hs-802-long-range-reflector/
  13. compoundarcher

    Lamping Lights

    HS-802 green is what i use on my HMR....i figure you want it for a centerfire .17 I'm good to 150 yards on my HMR but i wouldn't want to shoot further than that at night though the torch reaches out further £25 plus £5 postage if you want one...
  14. compoundarcher

    New Scope For .22Lr

    got a mamba on my 22lr great scope for it...i use isterok ballistics works a treat on all mags too
  15. compoundarcher

    Led Driver

    ...good torch two batteries trust fire T1 1600 lumens..XM-L cree but if you want drivers you can buy from ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/cree-led-driver