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Bigest Centre Fire Ever Made

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hea lads I just saw a clip on blaze where lads are shooting the .950 JDJ its a .905 calibre CF rifle. the gun weighs 50 lbs and that's the prototype the new gun weighs 110 lbs it fires a 4" long 1" thick 2,400 gr round fired by 240 gr of powder. I have no idea how to put a link up for all of you to watch it. if someone could look it up and stick a link up for everyone to watch? its well worth a watch none of the lads can hold on to it when fired, one of the lads says its like firing ten 30-06 rifles at one time. has anyone heard of it?

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Over 38,000 ft.lbs muzzle energy (.223 has 1,200 ft.lbs!) and a loaded round costs $40!



Reminds me of Snatch;



Sol: "What the f**k is that?"


Vinny: "Heh heh. This is a shotgun, Sol."


Sol: "It's a f***ing anti-aircraft gun, Vincent!"


Vinny: "Well I wanna raise some pulses, don't I?"


Sol: "You'll raise Hell. Never mind pulses."

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