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i got some land with rape on at min.have had some good 100plus days on the pigeon on it over the years.most rabbits are gone because of mixy and pochers so looking to swop for sum rabbiting.can also shoot foxes at night if you wish.and game in season.as there is a pond and march at back.with a river running throw.so duck phesant partridge plus all vermin.will swop for some rabbiting or deer stalking ect pm me.thanks

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Hi there,


I shoot on a golf course in Nottingham and don't mind doing a swap day.


Only down side is shooting has to be done at night and on foot but its not that bad.




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      Evening all, 
      Not looking for permission!! 
      With a lack of game on my ground, I'm looking to get a bit of hunting with ferrets and hawk in exchange for an experience day out with hawks. 
      I have my own ferrets, hawk, collars, long nets and insurance. 
      West Midlands based. 
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      Fancy a change so here up for shops is my 1.77 tweaky regged s200 mk2 but with a mk3 stock. It has 4 x 10 shot mags the gun shoots spot on altho it does need a loading bolt seal which has never bothered me
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