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    all hunting and fishing and lpoking after the shoot.
  1. lurchermann

    Rat Smoker Wanted

    Very grown up of you.bet you a right dick.with ya crappy stuff you want over odds for
  2. lurchermann

    Wanted Air Rifle

    Got a mint hw97k
  3. lurchermann

    Captive Bolt Gun

    I live near u pm me if you still have this
  4. lurchermann

    Mint Hw97K

    Bump.will also do deal on a nv set up.
  5. lurchermann

    Starlight Longbow

    You must have money to burn mate payin that for a scope.send me some if you want to waist it lol atb pal
  6. lurchermann

    6-24X44 Jsr Ao Wanted.

    If you have this scope plz pm me.atb
  7. lurchermann

    Rare Edgar Brothers 2-7*32

    I have one them Edgar bros scopes.not much to buy but great scopes.
  8. lurchermann

    Rat Smoker Wanted

    What you got?pm me.thanks
  9. lurchermann

    48 Egg Incubator For Sale

    Wish you lived near me lol
  10. lurchermann

    Terrier/spaniel Box

    Wish you was near me.you don't come this way any time do you lol
  11. lurchermann

    Mint Hw97K

    Forgot to put pic of gun bag.this is new. And mint.the hw97k has a cocking aid fitted also.pm me if intresterd.can meet.
  12. lurchermann

    Mint Hw97K

    Hi all I am selling my mint 2003 mk2 hw97k.its still mint as it's only had about 500 pellets throw it other than that it's been sat doing nothing.you can still see the factory white greese thay use.its a 22 but I like 177 that's only reason I selling it.this gun shoots smooth to say it's never been touched.hardly any recoil n very stop on target every shot.only selling soI can get a 177 hw97 or mk3 tx200.comes with a new buffalo river gun bag and a full tin of jsb extract jumbo pellets that was £14 i want £270for this mint rifle or may swop for a .177 tx ect. This gun has never been in the field.just at the range a few times n whiped down after.
  13. lurchermann

    Almost New Hw100S Bargain

    Any pics
  14. I have mk4s non screen DAYSTATE with hugget shroud n mod propa diped by hugget and a nice Geordie stock.charger.2mags.manual but not the DVD.its 177 looking for a 177 hw100.just having a look round see what comes up.pm me.thanks