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Patterdale Terriers Do They Make Good Bushing Dogs

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hi im new on here so you might know better do patts make good bush dogs because i have a litter and someone said ther to expensive as all ther good for is bush dogs, i personely havnt worked mine but ther parents were worked, but im sure even bushing is working

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Hope they can bush but if he can't he will have to get used to it, he's only 15 weeks old so far so will let you know in the future.




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Its like saying how long is a piece of string. Of course they CAN do it its just a case of wether THAT particular dog will turn out any good. Its like saying can a human being play football? Some are good some are shit. All down to the individual dog mate. And before anyone says it's all about how well it's brought on, it isn't. Obviously they need effort putting into them to bring them on but some do some don't. Same with anything i suppose. You could get 5 patt pups and bring them on all exactly the same and some will turn out better than others. Just like any other dog breed performing any other job its asked off.



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I shouldn't worry about what work terriers can do............ the parents have seen nothing by your admission so the pups shouldn't be sold as anything other than pets. Just get them into good pet homes and forget about it.

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my patterdale worked cover fine,very obedient,retrieved well,didn't try to steal the lurchers catch.


but when he was about a year old he became a liability with other dogs after being attacked,so i wouldn't risk it on the off chance he runs into another dog.


just a pet now.

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