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Well since most birds are in the moult at the minute the falconry section is very scarce on topics so i thought i would give you this decision, if someone offered you any BOP for next season for free and you had the land and time to fly it, what would it be and what quarry would you fly it at?

i think at the minute mine would be a small German goshawk flown at anything that moved :yes:


edited to add 1 BOP only. sorry should have said :thumbs:

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That would be good if eventually that happened but it's getting the right breeders who no what they are doing and not some numpty after a quick pound. And breeding from the right birds

I hope to get a video of a stoop on a grouse from a hugh pitch come August:)

Reading this thread getting me very itchy boys!

pure female gyr on brown hare on fens :victory: oh and two saluki dogs in the mix as well :yes:

That would be a very clOse second minus the salukis a pure white tailed gyr griff sold one in Abu dabi last year for around 250,000 😳 Edited by CrowHawker
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to be fair with what I have seen of my gyrsaker at shade under 2lb at his very best the female gyr would not really need the saluki at all, keeps the chase inteseting though, especialy smaller land where they can hedge up or reach copses and leave falcon frustrted the dogs simply reflush the quarry back out into the open


and yeah be nice to have a pure white one however cvolor not important at all, could not afford one either way lol hybrids do for me

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lol eagle on roe deer seen some very good footage :thumbs: ,loads of interesting stuff on youtube etc. Gamehawking with a male and female peregrine the stuff of dreams, flying phesant partridge and grouse over endless moorland,


Ive found the hybrid pretty open to suggestion hunting style wise, its happy to gain height and wait on or fly from fist, not really done much with corvids had the odd one more be good luck than good measure, one thing I will say is when allowed they are versatile,Im really looking forward to getting back out when the season starts and seeing what comes this year of him, been a great learnign curve so far :thumbs:

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