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Shotgun Cartridges Have Gone Through The Roof

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I went to my local firearms dealer today and went in to get another 250 pigeon cartridges and was offered the cheapest they had at nearly £8 a box for eley pigeon special 6.5 and 30 gram.

all the game loads he had were over £10 a box as well.

less than 6 years ago eley pigeon were only £3.50 a box so what the hell is going on are cartridges that expensive everywhere or is the guy trying to rip me off.

What kind of prices does everyone else pay and is there a cheaper option like steel or something.

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The China/Lead thing has stabilised quite some time ago but the price of shells continue to rise, probably with the rise in energy costs to manufacture them.


But I still think the shooters get a raw deal in terms of how much they've gone up.


Last time I bought shells, they were £121 per thousand, but I bought in bulk, dread to think of the next lot.

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it wasn`t that long ago i was paying £76 per 1000 for d&j direct from express. never mind lead they must have added gold :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


To be fair before the increases 5 or so years ago the price had been roughly the same for 20 odd years, forcing some manufactures to close or restructure. the margin on cartridges sold in gunshops is nothing, sometimes literally nothing often being used as way of getting customers in the shop in the hope they will purchase something else whilst there. add to that the quantity they have to buy, the loading, unloading and storage then it really is a service to the customers :thumbs:

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I tend to buy in bulk once a year at the midland game fair. Having a load of cartridge makers side by side its amazing how quick they can drop prices when theres a row of them trying to outbid each other ;-)

That sounds like a great idea though we haven't been hit as hard price wise as Mega Hunter. We paid £45 for 250 express fibre wad game loads a couple of months ago.

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Just what I was thinking. I remember paying about 80->90quid for 1000 not so long ago. I used to get through about 250 every weekend on the clays back in them days. Havent bought any for ages, so im dreading what they cost now as it looks like they have gone up more than gold has recently.


it wasn`t that long ago i was paying £76 per 1000 for d&j direct from express. never mind lead they must have added gold :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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