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  1. jackinbox99

    Mossberg 3 Pump Hushpower 410 For Sale

    Christ thats a bargain, nearly half the new price. Ive the same model and paid a fortune for it new.
  2. "both guns are .20 cal" is what he said, so i suspect they are both .20. Interesting though that they did 3 barrels for the fox though, i didnt know that.
  3. These will be snapped up lightning quick at those prices. As a comparison I paid £700 for a just a .20 theoben 12 a few months back and that was without the bipod, extra mag and extra stock!!!
  4. jackinbox99

    Dose Anyone Lamp Anymore ?

    I still lamp simply because i cant afford NV!
  5. jackinbox99

    Right Handed Left Eye Dominant

    Im RH and left eye dominant. There are several ways around it. Stick a bit of tape on the LH lense of some glasses, or you can buy truglo sights which are supposed to make the RH side of the sight stand out more, or do like I do and thats to sqwint or close my left eye when im using the shotgun. You can keep both eyes open when walking about to spot the target, then as soon as you start to bring your gun up, close your left eye, which means your right eye will pick it up and you`ll be on target. I do a lot of clays / sporting and it works for me!
  6. jackinbox99

    Another Good Session With The R-10 Mk2

    Not bad at all for a night out! Good going!
  7. jackinbox99

    Hw Silencers

    When I bought an HW100 silencer, the shop asked me if i wanted .177 or .22, so id expect that they do them in both calibres.
  8. jackinbox99

    Aa S410 Carbine Issue

    Its dead easy to just remove the side panel which has the indexing mechanism in it. Its 4 or 6 small allen bolts from what I remember. Theres a bit of metal inside which slides up & down as you bring the bolt back. Id start by removing this, then seeing if the bolt works fine. If so, it will help narrow the problem down. In general, the s410 is a dead easy gun to work on. You just need a couple of allen keys to strip it right down.
  9. jackinbox99

    Rolf Harris Hates Hunting?

    the apologists have started...... Not at all, if hes guilty of something then he should be punished.
  10. jackinbox99

    Rolf Harris Hates Hunting?

    From the news reports sounds like he wasnt a kiddy fiddler, but it was some old historical offense or something. Until all the facts come out we wont know, but sounds like it was probably some sort of benny hill type bit of groping or whatever everyone seemed to do back in the 70`s & `s.
  11. jackinbox99

    Sgc 2Nd Vist

    Id probably start off looking at a lanber sporter multichoke for that sort of money, but its really down to what feels good to you when you try them for fit.
  12. I think it might just take a few weeks before you get used to it. Even though its the same measurements as your old gun, its a different gun still. Ive quite a few guns and sometimes I find I cant hit a barn door with the same gun I was shooting 47/50 with the previous week. So I pick up one of my other guns and im fine. Its a strange thing, I used to get the same problem when I played snooker or pool. Some days I couldnt pot a thing, so it just use another one of my cues and id be fine. Either way, its still really infuriating.
  13. jackinbox99

    What Shotgun?

    Any gun will do what you want, except maybe a single barrel shotgun. I use 2 main guns for clays & game. First is a Beretta al391 semi auto, the other is a £60 Spanish sbs. So that really goes to show one extreme to the other and both are as good as each other in my hands. The current "fashion" for clay guns is o/u`s. Ive had a few and still have a lovely lanber o/u. But really its just a case of trying a few out and finding out what you get on well with. Sure, if you buy a bigger brand name, it will hold its value better, but dont feel you have to fork out a fortune for a gun.
  14. jackinbox99

    Feeding Your Kill To Cats

    rabbit flavour, that will be horse then :laugh: more than likely! Still the cat seems to enjoy it.
  15. jackinbox99

    Best Pump For A Pcp?

    Hills pump is good. Ive got an FX 3 stage pump which I use and its really good. I think i paid about 120 for mine new.