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Hobs or Jills

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I don't mind either but I've just got 4 jills at the moment, 2 experienced and 2 young of this years litter which are ready to work now, both hobs and jills are good as each other in my eyes, only thing bad about Jill's is when they come into season u need to get them brought out, Atb Shaba

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Got both, work both. It's like a toolbox, you have to have a variety. Jill's are fast and nimble, but sometimes you need a slow and steady hob to shift stubborn bunnies.

Anyone that tells you that hobs kill more than jills have a fairly limited experience. We've got hobs that never kill and jills that have a real blood lust, it's all down to drive and personality. Small jills used to have the advantage of slipping through nets, but collars have a tendency to snag anyway so don't get hung up on gender too much. Many people make the mistake of over thinking, he ferret doesn't know your plan so you have to make your plans around your ferrets - and you will only find out through trial and error.

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