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  1. Evening guys,I've got some land that I have got to clear and ime in need of a hand,so if you want a day out on good land let me no,no cash involved,just a good day out to have a laugh,ime in Norfolk in a village called stalham so let me no if you want a day out probly saturday
  2. Hiya guys are there any jils about in Norfolk uk
  3. Hiya mate ime in norfolk and happy to help you out what area are you in mate see how far from me you are?
  4. i had the same problem mate i found it easyer to get permission for ferret n nets 1st then prove yourself worthy these norfolk farmers are a funny breed lol
  5. Hi does any of you guys had any experiance with the logun s16
  6. i have 2 jills that are sisters and have always lived together! I wanted to breed them this year as they have just came into season,but can they be kept together when they give birth or is it recomended to split them up?
  7. as a rule ferrets are sociable animals so you should be ok!
  8. @blue pocket rocket! ferreting in the day can be hecktic at times so bugger going at night! best kept to days!
  9. thanks guys put me right off now ha ha saved me getting a fine i didnt realise it would cause so much stress bloody loads of bunnys where i carnt go typical! my permishions are getting realy quiet and cannot obtain any more(not through lack of trying)
  10. can any one tell me if it is against the law to ferret on public footpaths and bridalways?
  11. i agree with jamie m,i would like to get youngsters into field sports but as jamie has said to many perverts sorry to be blunt but as a farther i wouldnt let my child go ferreting with a randomer at that age! if you are serious in field sports and do not have family in field sports you tube and dvds may help you if not theres alot of helpfull people on here that no there stuff so ask away they will be happy to help ime shure!
  12. i prefer jills as they dont seem to be able to hold rabbits down as much as a bulky hob so less digging
  13. gumtree working ferret kits good bloodlines £5 each and others free looks like you will be able to breed them next season at that price (non incest by the way)
  14. pitty your so far away else you could of come with me a couple of times good look with it thoe mate! there is no better experance than getting out on the field!
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