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  1. Tug

    All Joking Aside People

    Releasing any animal without proper provision for it's welfare and safety is abandonment under the Animal Welfare Act. You would have to be certain that the area you release them in could support them, had adequate food and shelter. It's one of the reasons that the RSPCA always deny "releasing" foxes, because it's abandonment pure and simple.
  2. Tug

    Ferreting Some Distance Away

    But it's better to have a spare spade in the car than in the shed two hours away, I've always got an extra one in the boot of the car and I carry a spare battery for the locator in my bag, cold weather can have strange effects on battery life and a locator is pointless without power.
  3. Just out of interest, if most of them have been found wandering locally - is there not just a chance they escaped?
  4. Tug

    Two Good Working Hobs

    That's mighty nice of him, selling them at the end of the season. Of course if they were that good he'd keep them through the summer and work them next year too.
  5. Tug

    Need A New Spade

    Hard work on anything other than a little dig.
  6. Tug

    Seasons Seem To Be Getting Shorter

    Search back 12 months, you will find similar posts. Go back another year and it's the same.
  7. Tug

    Need A New Spade

    http://www.toolstation.com/m/part.html?p=71899 You can thank me later.
  8. Tug

    Digging Spade??

    I have a bulldog rabbiting spade but have found it wanting in anything other than the shallowest digs. The angle of the neck is too small so it's no good for lifting earth. Now got one of these http://www.toolstation.com/m/part.html?p=71899 and it's brilliant. Still keep the rabbiter in the boot in case we have any root work to do.
  9. Tug

    Dog Nailed Me Ferret

    ...or get better at it.
  10. Tug

    Water Bottles

    Spare bottles swapped in morning and at night will do. No need to add any stuff to the water, wrapping doesn't stop the spout freezing. Spare bottle is a couple of quid and I usually have a couple on in summer anyway to keep down competition for the spout.
  11. Tug

    How long can ferrets work

    Rotating is best, we usually work four ferrets in alternate pairs. Have enough collars to drop them all in but it rarely happens and we have a "clash of personalities" with my hobs and any other ferret so tend not to.
  12. If you are here as a student, will you be staying in the UK or returning home? Ferrets are a long term commitment so I don't think you should get any unless you are staying in the UK
  13. Tug

    info you might find interesting

    Poorly researched and poorly written. The 'natural habitat' of the ferret is a hutch or court, being a domesticated animal.
  14. Tug

    Deban mk3 and mk3m

    Not sure about the baterys mate but I believe the 3m has the pinpointer knob on the back and the 3 doesn't atb Both got pinpointer. The "M" stands for magnet, if it's got a dot and an arrow at the bottom (where the magnet is) then it's a 3M
  15. Tug

    Most reliable

    With the exception of a magnet in the bottom of the casing for switching off the collars, the locators are exactly the same. As for collars, I've only used the magnetic ones. Mate has the original mk3 collar and taking out batteries to switch off seems a bit of a faff to me.