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Farmers tried to foil hare coursers

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been like this were i was brought up most of our lifes even in eighties estates didnt like you coursing hares in scotland , we got told to leave or police ,back then as there was no mobiles so he had to go back to house and phone them etc , by that time we were some were else , this is not new hence the lurcher was a poaching mans dog ,yeras ago we went early morning or grey dark on for a chase or two and off , now they just walk about like lame ducks waiting to get nabbed some of them , it was only in last thirty years people got permision etc for payment and i would say last 20 or more when more people wanted to do it after readin mags etc and fens started getting popular

your spot on there whin if anythink it was worse years ago than it is now
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hare coursing is a sport an the hare runs and is a fair match for the dogs lol in my case a better match i dont stop many hares with my dogs. we should all stick together and keep hunting this sports

Imo people are getting plain fed up with being told what they CAN & CAN'T do in this day and age!!!!!.

The hare was born to run = the sighthound was born to chase him , when he lifts and the lead pulls you forget all about the ban , fines ,antis .

Artical in tonights blackpool evening gazette 2 lads seen slipping there dog wich chased and killed hares famers tried block there van but they got away only to get a pull a few miles down the rd bolth lads got a good fine.running hares in this neck of the woods is madness even on permission bad enough at night but these 2 were poaching daytime they must have seen all the hare watch posters nailed to every other fence post. is it just me getting old ?

A friend goes shooting around there and your right there well on the ball it is mad hot..

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This/ these laws are just taking the proverbial. Late yesterday afternoon, I sat looking down over land that I own with the dogs. The fields down the valley before me had 3 roe on one side, charlie crossing from right to left, a few rabbits hanging around the edges and enough rushes to hold an army of hares. The footpath at the bottom was like a berghaus catwalk. But could I slip my dogs. Maybe, but whereas before the ban I could walk these fields up without twitching like a virgin on a promise. My dogs, know no difference. Yet they have to kept on leads because some fecking do gooder would be on the phone to old bill.


Kept on leads. Now that is the cruelty :censored:

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its getting worse police are pulling lads who are just road walking there dogs round my area soon as they see lurcher your pulled name took the lot game is f****d aint it ?


if they done that to me id go down the nick myself and put in a harrasment complaint, cheeky c**ts, i wouldnt even give them the time of day, never mind my name, i aint done f**k all, its not an offense to walk a dog lol

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I dont think many folk coursing hares give a damn. Its a minority ruining it for the majoirity.

There was a group of lads from across the bridge driving the fields near me before christmas, they eventually got tracked down and one of my mates got a good kicking for trying to help out a farmer.

Grinds my gears whe people are so lazy they can even be bothered to get out of their motor and hunt properly.

This may give them a buzz but it f*cks it all up for other people with running dogs who's chance of getting permission goes from slim to non existant.

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