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  1. Top rule of the day, dont F*ck with your dogs! Really tiptop looking dogs there, spot on! Love dogs pictures on a couple!
  2. Not sure that is always the case but as you say bitches are less common and can make more money. Sad but true!
  3. Yeah Dante is a bit larger than the Blue & White Dylan. Both spot on dogs who are as keen as mustard. Really should get out more with them. Hope all is going well with you, Cheers Edd
  4. Pedigree Whippet. Both Bred in Wales. Blue is Keiths Solid Blue - Casey Wye Blue & White is Strike While the irons hot - Magda Blue Cheers Edd
  5. I dont think many folk coursing hares give a damn. Its a minority ruining it for the majoirity. There was a group of lads from across the bridge driving the fields near me before christmas, they eventually got tracked down and one of my mates got a good kicking for trying to help out a farmer. Grinds my gears whe people are so lazy they can even be bothered to get out of their motor and hunt properly. This may give them a buzz but it f*cks it all up for other people with running dogs who's chance of getting permission goes from slim to non existant.
  6. Hi All, Just testing my new phone camera so thought i would post a few pics whilst walking the dogs this morning. Take it easy. Edd
  7. Yeah not too bad thanks. Been a bit lazy with the dogs just lots of causal mooching around but hope to get out soon. How is it going up there?
  8. Anyone know of why davidlloyd has been banned? Could someone forward his email address to me as i have lost his mobile? Just say its Edd from wiltshire. Cheers Edd
  9. Hi All, I have the following items for sale: 1 x Deben - Mk3 High Viz Orange 16ft Ferret Finder with 1 Collar & Keyring Magnet (Supplied with new sealed batteries - In Original Packaging with instructions). 1 x Deben - Mk3 Collart (Supplied with new sealed batteries - In Original Packaging with instructions). 20 x 4 foot 10oz Heavy Nylon Purse nets with 20 Hardwood Pegs (Purchased from K.P & S Nets with original reciept, 10 nets havent even been used). All items fully functional and brilliant condition. I was thinking of £165 for the lot. Any questions pleas
  10. I have a Mk3 Ferret Finder pack with 1 callar plus an additional collar & 20 4ft 10oz Nylon Nets with wooden pegs, only 10 nets have ever been used, the other 10 are still new. The ferret finder & Collar are all boxed. Mak me an offer. Cheers Edd
  11. I have sent a few parcels of ferret sh*t to my auntie as her friend has problems with rats, she said it worked a treat, although you would have to keep putting fresh sh*t out i would imagine.
  12. Wireing is sh1t, unlike the Lightforce lamps then?!?!?
  13. Mine did this and was out for a good few months, bugger just wouldnt heal and kept blowing up. Pain in the arse.
  14. What a load of crud. Yes in winter when the rain is coming in sideways they may shiver a little, but why would this end you night? My whippets prey drive means he still wants to carry on when we are ready for calling it a night. Silly thread.
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