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Dig today

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Tried my bitch for the first time today after a 7 empty earths she found one home she 16 months and been present at a few digs worried a few carcusses and in she went on straight away so I nervously lit a cig and suckt the s...t out of it while she settled I ran for the grafter while my friend got a mark he had her at 1.5 so we set about it all in all she was in between a 45 minites to a hour we broke threw she had a hold of it so the spade was put between them and dog took off and tied up we sat back awaiting the bolt to the hunters with the guns 3 of them it bolted 6 shots fierd and he seemed to turn perfect evry time and they all missed 6 shotts I I smiled to myself as he jumped over the ditch to run another day as he was a big healthy clean dog fox and my pup did her bit and did it well I am a proud man http://s1113.photobu...wMDI0LmpwZw.jpg

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Shame she never got to worry the carcass tho

thats why your better having a lurcher . 6 shots and still missed hope you gave them a bit of stick :thumbs: dog done well hope its the first of many

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It wasn't my shout mate if it was I wudda let it run anyway as it was so healthy to be honest And this might sound a bit weak for a hunting site but Dont really like killing any animal unless me or my dogs are eating it or we have been asked to kill a pest that's just me tho

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