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  1. Yes they have kids but as far as I can find on the net if a parent ( like mine ) dies before the grandparent then theyre kids are next in line ( grandchildren ) but it does not extend to great grandchildren. My brothers don't want anything to do with it so they will not accept it. The forms have been drafted already and they have signed they're part away. Very stubborn men, as for me I like to stirr things up plus it's mine by law so why not.
  2. Seeing my mums dead and there was no will it goes to children so under the circumstances grandchildren ( me ) are Intitled to our mums 3rd.
  3. FCUK the solicitors fees ive got that sorted, I'm waiting on him getting back to me. just wanna know what my cut is ???
  4. Heres a tricky one for yous, My grandmother just died ( without a will ) my grandfathers dead and so is my mother. Myself and 3 other brothers have two aunties that we don't get along with on the same side of the family. So lets just say my grandmother died with £30,000 in savings, 1/3 goes to both of my aunties ( her daughters ) and my mothers 1/3 split 4 ways to me and my 3 brothers. So I work that our at 1/12 each of the total. Nows were it gets tricky. Because my brothers are reasonably well off and didn't have much of a relationship with my grandparents they don't want any of the estate. So they've signed off there part to say so. Now I want my cut never mind. The question is do I still get my 1/12 as before or now am I entitled to 1/3 the same as my aunties ?????? And if not were does the other 3/12 go to that my brothers declined ??? Looking forward to the replies folks.
  5. Drontal puppy all the way never had any issues with it and the results are there to see.
  6. Well done men and dog. The jeep could tell a tale or two also.
  7. used one today and yesterday and dont think i will dig again without one u can hear evrything well better using them you no exactly wat your dogs doing weather its digging baying holding get to no your dog alot better and quicker with one Your just a gobshite.
  8. A helpfull aid so you know your digging behind the dog rather than on top of the action
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