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  1. I toataly agree with you about demanding a trial if buying a older dog but never new this at the time no newbies do and honestly can't remember his user name or I whuld expose him belive me I can remember the guys name the dogs name and what service station I met him at but this was 4+ years ago I was green as grass and were took advantage of frew my eagerness that was the last no good dog I bought and ime sore still for getting sold a useless earth dogs. When I learned of working terriers I type in google working terrier for sale and up come hunting life I no this isent the fault of the mods or site but I took one look at the site and pics i thought I was on a winner you live and learn anyway and I whuldent want anyone to make the same mistakes I made coz I wasted a lot of time and money on these dogs but I can honestly say and hold my head up high that they were not sold on and were castrated so I no my morals are right ime polite and respectfull to elders and now have no problem in getting work for my dogs. And I still think sumthing more than than pay a fiver or hit the report button shuld be dun but that's my opinion ime allowd to express that on a open fourum and am sure there plenty others who agree with me. But ill leave it at that
  2. Simmo u can tell a car by looking and hearing the engine run u can't compare that to a dog mate fact.. Or can you and I never bought 4 dogs of this site just 2. 1 good up to now of goldfinch 1 very bad of a lad can't remember his username was a ages ago of a freinds account the other 2 were from other internet sources this is getting of the point what my originol post any way ther 50 running dog adverts in the last 8 pages just think its a lot of dogs and litters for sale and the site is used for personal gain more than the preserving the standard of dogs sold on the site .... I think I am right in how I am thinking anyway and have learned my lesson and don't have to buy dogs off the net any more but still feel for the young ones who starting out in the same postition I was in. Simoman you said on a previous thread u think it shuld be deleted
  3. Lol am not tellin anyone how to run a site was askin what other lads thought and expressing my opinion and ye I bought 4 dogs of the net because I dident no anyone who hunted and I mean anyone and I had not a inch of permission and I wanted to hunt badley I new this was what I wanted to do and as you all no its a hard sport to get a start it when you got no one to vouch for you I wasted a few years with them pot lickers but they taught me a lot I now have a small job working for the guns in season and get paid for it and I have 3 decent dogs wat make me happy and keep my petrol tank full in season I dident mean to offend any of you by what I say just trying to keep lads wasting 2 years on each dog like I did coz no one can tell if ye dogs a jacker or a waste of food untill the time comes and it jacks or won't go to ground after you put your work and time into it.
  4. what about if you narrowed it down to lads with so many say 150 posts and to lads who have posted threads in the working terrier/lurcher section were they have been checked by a mod and also be a donator surley this whuld cut the shit right out and also improve your chances of getting a better dog when buying thats come from real working lads who we all no because we have read his previous threads and seen pics of his dogs in the working terrier/lurcher section then you whuld be doing a big part in helping to keep the standard of dogs sold on this site high .....
  5. wanted copy of the said book pm me if you have cheers ...... no stupid prices please
  6. no mate live very close to german border me never get banned there come on inspector galloway only a bit of fun
  7. rob ill put 30 quid in ya paypall now for all four if you want mate ? pm us ya paypall if [bANNED TEXT] intrested and dont be tight spent a few quid with you lol
  8. Mrquinn


    i can honestly say ive bought a good few items off lads on this site and never once had a problem even sent mony up front by post i look how many posts they got and read a few of them before i send ... works for me lol proberly get had off on my next one speaking to soon and all
  9. lol they werent even his snares on his permition or in his country goin a bit far pc galloway shuld sign up to be a pcso you mate
  10. ye [bANNED TEXT] right paulus if it was took of there whuld be no problem and no policein whuld there
  11. its just a bit sad that you can pay a fiver and your free to sell your 8 pups for 250 - 300 quid
  12. or dose the hunting life support the peaddling of dogs ? come on mods what do you think .... i no your view on it simmoman seen a earlyer post by your self
  13. it was about the ammount of running dogs and running dog litters for sale in the working dog section 48 or 50 adverts on the last 8 pages just wonders what evryone thought about it ...... think its hypicritical of the dog dealers and pedalars bewere thread pinned at the top of the bored pay a fiver and your free to sell i think it shuld be deleted that section even tho i like flicking threw it whayt do you lads think
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