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dogue de bordeaux

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just a quick question a stab in the dark really


wondering if anybody on here has ever owned one ??


intrested to know how you got along training the dog ect ??


and really need to know about the temperament of the dog and how it behaved around children ect



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A mate of mine breeds em , there very docile


Same as above....wouldnt say he,s a mate but know someone who breeds them,shows them all over europe......not my cuppa tea,far too big dosey and slobbery....not the brightests dogs either.....another victim of todays fashions from what i see walking along the street unfortunately....but fine around kids etc....big friendly giants..

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Here is mine at 7/8 months... (21/22months)

Very nice dog

great around all my kids 3 under the age of 5,

Great with stock, people anything really..

But i must say she is a good guard dog no one will get in the yard/house with her there,,

But i must say i do agree with all the comments thats been said,

Lovely bitch tho and i love her so..............................


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My mate has two dog and bitch,bitch is expecting at the moment there spot on with kids and great with people when ther out but are utter b*****ds if you pop around for a brew and he aint in the fuckers wont let you out of the garden till he is home and they tend to guard like this instinctively but they are stunning dogs I realy like them.

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why would i be intrested in a dog of no use to anyone ? cost a bomb to feed and only any use as a visual deterant . if there was money to be made dogs i wouldnt have wasted my time advertising em on here trying to get a working dog a working home i no longer take any intrest in any of my mates selling dogs and one thing i have never done is get dogs with the intent to sell them as some believe and preach iv sold a few dogs yes as i dont believe in keeping a dog that doesnt meet my standards nor do i keep a dog that i buy being told it does a job to find out it doesnt i now have exactly what i want and need in my kennels and for no offer would i sell any of them.


if you watch on gumtree the everyday crap is someone asking for spaniels etc free to good home then every so often there are spaniels for sale at the same location there is also an add with dogs or cats wanted free what sort if idiot would rehome any animal to such an add. there are also alot of scams on gumtree just now so whats true and untrue on the site is debateable.

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I've known a couple, years ago. Lovely dogs. Very important to socialise them with other dogs from the word go if you fancy taking them out and getting them the exercise they need in public places.


And you kinda need to have mop on hand 24/7 because the amount of drool they spread around is phenomenal. It gets on the ceilings, walls, windows, in your food ... every time they shake their heads you've got to duck for cover :laugh:

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