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  1. thanks again, at least we wont have to worry about others getting it cheers , paul.
  2. thanks for the reply. can you tell me what causes it, and if any thing could of prevented it, cheers for that.
  3. hi all, Ive just been out for a walk and come across this pheasant. I got hold of it very easy, and it was huge., but when I felt it all over, I noticed it was full of air, [[blown up as if it was going to burst]], Any one know what was the matter with it. I didn't like to see it suffer any more so I dispatched it.
  4. I was hoping that was the case,it's good that your taking it on. Sorry if I sounded harsh before, only there are so many guys that get ferret's, keep them for a week or two, then find they don't know how to care for them.Good luck with him, I'm sure there's plenty of guy's on the site that will give you some helpful information. keep us updated.
  5. I hope I'm wrong here,but If you have got this ferret to work , or as a pet,I would think you should know what, and how much to feed before getting one. I don't think keeping it in a cage is going to be ok either, it needs a run as well.A bit of thought before hand or a book would of been better.
  6. I have to agree with jamie m and pie-eater these days less faffing about drying,also the hemp is not as good as it was years ago.
  7. please note there is no charge for the wings only postage cheers.
  8. Iv'e got a set of jay wings if anyone wants them. pm me and i'll send them on to you.
  9. ill ask around for you .I might know someone with ferrets. paul. p.s how were the nets ?.
  10. hi there chances are that if you try and get money for the traps, the landowner will probably tell you to find your permission elsewhere .That's what I think.
  11. hi there, where about in north wales are you mate.
  12. just looked at the advert, and it seems that the collar is £84 ,the whole set is £189.43.unless I'm reading it wrong.
  13. As a retired butcher I like to see how other butchers prepare their carcases. I must say your work is as good as I have seen, good on you, a t b. paul.
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