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  1. ferretfatcamp

    Plastic ferret boxes

    Anybody selling a triple bowback plastic ferret box
  2. ferretfatcamp

    Rabbiting Wanted

    Been out this morning in another permission only got 2 its going to be a poor season
  3. ferretfatcamp

    Rabbiting Wanted

    Got the land but there's no rabbit problem at the minute
  4. ferretfatcamp

    Rabbiting Wanted

    Hi all I have been ferreting for over 40 years but my main land has a shortage of rabbits on and so I am back to knocking on doors but I find all the best spots are taken is there another way of getting permission as I have to travel 60 miles too get were there are rabbits and are tired of knocking on doors I am in Sheffield and am willing to travel up to about an hour an half for rabbits not wanting to catch loads of rabbits a dozen would be great It would be a shame if my black ferrets didn't get enough work I have helped people in the past and now a bit of help now would be great thank you Any tips would be great
  5. ferretfatcamp

    First Day Of The Season

    Off next Thursday for first day of the season can't wait
  6. ferretfatcamp

    Starting Small?

    if ferrets from good working stock shouldnt be a problem as said try them with the experianced jill they will soon get the hang of it 10 holes is a small warren ideal to start off with
  7. ferretfatcamp


    Muzzlesshould be confined to the musuem along with coping and teeth snapping.a ferretwith muzzle on will still trap a rabbit underground and then try to kill it by scratching at it .3 times this season we have bolted massive rats what chance would the ferret have if muzzled . Get a decent book on ferretting such as ferrets and ferretting by val porter
  8. ferretfatcamp

    End Of Season

    Dont think its rhd as there is live rabbits on the land and live rabbits on nearby land and r.h.d.kills nearly all the rabbits
  9. ferretfatcamp

    End Of Season

    Been out this morning not a lot of rabbits about only caught 4 and 4 rats which bolted out of a rabbit warren with a rabbit These rats were huge and yet there is very little for them to feed on as they are a field away from the moors The rats are big but soon bolt from the black jill and a strange thing also there were dead rabbits dotted around about 8 in total hope it isnt some disease wiping them out
  10. ferretfatcamp

    A Few Hours Out

    9 is a good score for us
  11. ferretfatcamp

    A Few Hours Out

    Went out this morning ferretted a couple of massive warrens of about 100 holes had about 50 purse nets and 6 stop nets rabbits hard to bolt due to time of year but had 9 before the rain came Absoluttly drenched through and called it a day at 11 0 clock not a huge bag but its making a dent on the rabbit numbers
  12. ferretfatcamp

    Mk3M Broke ?

    Had a coller not working just out of warrentcy and aent it back to debon ànd they changed it for free said it was a reed sticking cant praise debon enough
  13. ferretfatcamp

    Rabbits Not Bolting

    When the rabbits start to pair up they are hard to bolt try a couple of hobs as the rabbits wont stay and try to kick a hob as much as a jill Dont think noise makes a differance as rabbits sometimes bolt when you are digging to them .as said before if the rabbits have been ferretted before they will be harder to bolt some days you have to dig most of them its just potluck
  14. ferretfatcamp


    been out today weather terrible rain and hail coming off the moors caught a few still plenty of young rabbits about and then a huge rat bolted out of a warren and the plummer terrier nailed it this was a huge doe rat and the first rat the plummer had seen close up just goes to say ratting comes natural to terriers as we dont hunt them but sooner or later you are going to come accross them and you need ferrets which can look after themselfs the rabbits have bred for longer than ever this year as it is nearly october and some of the rabbits are only about 4 weeks old
  15. ferretfatcamp

    Permernant Set Nets

    I keep the nets in a proper net basket the nets get tangled and the bottom string lifts up takes ages to untangle and still not perfect