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  1. like everything every half x human or incomer can stab and shoot away aslong as its on the street and its our local british they are doing it to get the lot out get the bloody knife crime and binge drinking sorted out and let folk get on with hunting animals that can be classed as nothing but vermin and problem species killing peoples stocks of food birds and egg producers and other species wrecking crops etc were in the wrong country folks lets paint our faces with mud arm our selfs with a machete and a 900 year old rifle and anything will be fare game even our bloody next door neighbor .
  2. kreet


    before i lost my dad we had a fish house with 109 tanks and 3 comunity tanks in the house what i would say from my personal experience is dont add tuffa unless you have brackish water fish or mollies etc as the fish do not need it and all it does is add a little salt and alter the chemistry in the water a little 90% of fresh water tropicals would have never come into contact with tuffa rock it is like putting salt in the tank if you intend on a comunity tank that the fish will stay in then bash on but if you stick them in a tank with tuffa then pass the fish on to a tank without it its like bu
  3. i also feed red mills 28% protien and its mixed with a mixture of tripe mince deer scraps and meety bones pigeon breast an egg each twice a week fish twice a week they seem to enjoy the varied diet and are always looking well on it.
  4. is this still available ?
  5. was there last year might head down although didnt think there was much going on might be diff last year.
  6. bump nice wagon here for someone idea dogging wagon tuns of space in these and easy cleaning with the lining !
  7. Ill start with the pup she is 5 months now coming along fine recall almost 100% although she is the most excitable and forward whippet i have owned usually they tend to stick close but she is pretty forward she is kc and barnsmore , cornstalk lines etc (show) say what you like personally i dont think it matters whether they are show or working bred its how they are brought up she has had 2 half size rabbits and did anything but hesitate so she should enter no probs ill be holding her back this season she is a bit young but she will be watching and learning. Second dog is my beddyxw
  8. i would go for a springer cover more ground faster than most and are much more bidable and easyer to train than the cocker a lab just isnt fast enough for me.
  9. when she due in season mate ? are the pups all spoken for ?
  10. sort of size do you expect her to make mate ?
  11. good man fennman1 , pup is a cracker mate hope you have lots of fun with him in the future.
  12. i never keep same sex pairs some get on fine others dont its not worth the risk 2 of my whippets are at 6 months and play fight constantly dont hurt each other but keep me up half the night so they are both kenneled with an older dog of the other sex to quieten them down a bit as the older dog wont take there playing mine are out for an hour at 6am out for ten mins just before 5 and then out for 1-2 hours at half 8 every night and still want to play constantly they are full of beans only way to stop it is through splitting em up
  13. thanks rioh im gonna get some just waiting on a lad getting me a number for someone to look him over i didnt expect the gel to cure it just thought it would maybe ease his pain a bit so make him a little more comfortable but ill get him cheked over and keep you all informed hopefully its fixable and ill have plenty fun this season
  14. kreet


    are you being serious the dog was checked 2 months ago bye a vet i didnt like his advice so asked on here for advice or details of a specialist ? as for the breeding my dog is well over three has proven himself on many occsions and i can prove that threw footage so get over yourself i wouldnt dream of putting him over anything other than a good proven bullx and anything under 3-4 would be knocked back i made it clear now this dog has seen more holes than the local gum clinic and has just been bread to a dog of 2 years old with bad feet christ lets promote our stud dog throws pups with bad feet
  15. hi mate she is getting there everythings perfect sept when she gets to me its like she is over excited and drops the dummy wagging her tail and cowing i just praise her and try again she does the same on water but ill try stoping her at the edge while she doesnt have the chance to drop it excitedly cheers for the advice
  16. kreet


    bottom line was from my point of view if he was my dog the last thing i would have done was put him over a bitch thats just turned two never mind saying its a line bred mating out golly yeah she has flat feet but they stand up well ? its not the point whether the bitch is prone to injury or not its the fact that flat feet are something thats tried to be bred out dogs not bred into them and in my opinion puting her sire back to her is only giving the chance of it happening again. i wouldnt have accepted stupid money neather as you must have made a small fortune of that dog between pups and
  17. cracking dogs these saluki's ill be having looking for a bitch in the near future . good luck with the sale no doubt he will be just as cracking as his brother
  18. cheers rioh its isnt quite up the top inside its as i say the small muscle just behind and above the knee before the big muscle at the top iv been puting freeze gel on do you think thatl be doing him any use ?
  19. hi guys cheers for advice all my dogs get a tea spoon of cod liver oil in there feed every day also vitamins but no vitamin b so ill go get some and the other stuff the day i also feed them a mixture of dr john platinum and red mills racer also half a pound of dog mince a day too. the vet is a pritty good greyhound vet done it for years when i first noticed it he couldnt find much he said just lie him up but its like it got worse and i worked the leg and got a response just above and behind the knee the only thing i could pin it to is if he does his bizz he scrapes his back legs i never allow
  20. like the look of these the bitch is an absolute cracker
  21. i think they tend to put weight on once speyed like its just like a woman having a histerectomy or being sterelised it throws there hormones of etc
  22. mate i would do as you are walk her daily then after a few weeks take her a cycle i dont mean balls out a slow steady pace just a brisk walk for 5 maybe ten mins round the block or suhin then after the second week build up to two a week once she is less tired while you are a slow steady pace speed up a bit make her job for 20-50 yards then slow down to brisk again gradualy building up bit bye bit it will tone her up and fitten her up also once she is a bit fitter get a very steep hill 50yards or so from top to bottom have someone hold her run to the top and have her sprint to you up hill it wi
  23. p.s the vet said he has no idea how the dog could have done it while not getting turned out its beyond me too all he done was stretch the dog of as i did get a reaction and say yeah its the muscle just lay him up till it seems better then give him turn out to see if it stands up to the run
  24. mate i know a greyhound vet he said lay the dog up and see what happens nothing he could do for it he said , just thought i would see what folks thought eh or if there was a bone/muscle guy about theres a guy comes up from gretna sometimes but hasnt been for a while now to the track i attend.
  25. im in the same boat mate my bitch will pick a dummy of water or land no probs cn be sent back for a dummy no probs piks it up everytime but when she gets to me its like she gets over excited and drops the dummy at speed and it hurtless past me then she just totaly blanks it untill your a bit away and send her back or whatever and she does the same again she is getting there but its frustrating iv tried all above methods to no avail it will just be a case of sticking with it she is perfect in all other ways quarters stops hand signals etc so no idea what the problem with her is . is this what y
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