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  1. Old jack was a bit of a lad was there when he bought a net full of roach off a bloke as hed caught nowt for the cameras then went and proceeded to hook em on and catch them again.
  2. Saw some real grafters during the mining strike capable of filling the van as many days or nights of the week as needed was lucky enough to run one that never was shown up could and did kill everything everywhere its suprising what hard times brings about
  3. Seen a real good bitch out of jack and a pure saluki real un very strong and fast immaculately put together as are a lot of jacks offspring , my old mate rates jamies stuff hes been at it ten year longer than me which must be over forty years so he knows a dog or two and he crabs loads of folks daysqwalkers eh
  4. I hate spending money on plants usually take loads of different cuttings and take self set trees and rootstocks when out walking dont do anything special for the cuttings just a good compost mix and keep it wet most things will root given time.
  5. roughly how long is it til they make the size of a golf ball ,do you just dig em up and if there to smalll bury them again or will it kill them once lifted. Wait for the first sign of flowers then just feel down with your fingers carefully
  6. Yep you sure can take most of them early the old boys on our lotty start as soon as they are as big as marbles im not that keen but i do like pink fir apples above all others but they are maincrop so i use them like earlies and am happy with them being small .
  7. Its got to be worth the risk if your that far south theres earlys in the local shops from cornwall probably in poly tunnels Cant see them rotting now as the weathers on the turn for the better and the odd ones i miss always come up next year so theyve been underground all winter i dont mind trying stuff early dont cost much and if it survives your quids in atb.
  8. The usual but i also like romanesq its a green looking cauliflower related to broccoli a good stander and really tasty
  9. pm me if youve still got the pup for sale
  10. Cheers for getting back in touch about the bitch would have given you the money on her but as you put her on here now a ton dearer im not bothered picked one up this morning atb
  11. foremost nicola and my favoutite pink fir apple the latter should be a maincrop but i use them as earlys as well
  12. cracking pups love the look in their eyes shame there wasnt a bitch for sale
  13. Nice pup Jamie Blues in the ped both sides grandsire to merlin and eve he was Alwyns dog originally Dawns sire come down from a line of coursing dogs owned by some farmers her dam was deerhound bred
  14. Slow raosted with the veg in the roasting tin covered keeps hare moist a very underated meat roast saddle also takes some beating
  15. Bans easy to get round if you use your noddle its quite legal to flush hares for the gun or hawk its just taking time for the lurchers to click on they have to run it to me to shoot it
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