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  1. Non whatsoever , there has been a couple of litters bred in the last three years ,most were rubbish burners the rest were second rate ,as are most first crosses ! We are past this ,thats why they dont get bred! A saluki to a Lurcher is a different story .you stick to them then pal. By the way what great dogs have you owned in the last 15 years?
  2. Brilliant let me no cocker mate
  3. they tend to come out more to the grea from the bitch. My opinion much better
  4. Looking for a first cross saluki Greahound pup. Must be from a Greahound bitch can be anything up to 2/10 month old dog or bitch and can travel.
  5. Oh and boyo did you still have to wait the9 days as normal ??
  6. Thanks boyo. Good stuff. Does anyone no a grea vet in the Essex / kent erea
  7. it says 1 /5m jab behind ear then wait 5 days then bitch will break down
  8. It's a long wait bitch been out 3 months and she's a yearly bitch.
  9. I have a bitch and told this was best to use any info on how it works. The full process. Any info at all woud help
  10. Rang 3 vets and all said it don't work?
  11. Hi I have greahound bitch and was told to use this product to bring her in season. Any information on just how it works woud be helpfull. Thanks Caspa
  12. alright caspa where have you been for the last few years been taking a break pal as I lost my permission. But fingers cross I got some more now. I will give you a bell when I get the right dog
  13. Hi I'm looking to import a a dog from Argentina. A saluki type like the one on YouTube called etoo think a fella called Batista owns him. But he is Spanish speaking Witch is a stumbling block. Do anyone have any usefull information on how to import? Thanks
  14. kc saluki studd needed please!!!

  15. anyone no of any dog transporters from the north to the south of england??????

    1. johnnybravo1970


      look on flappers dream theres a few on there

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