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  1. thanks m, kinda makes sense now. my wife is due to start work next week so first £100 and genuine home can have him. someone gotta be looking for a good dog to bring on this season. atb jay
  2. i dont get the lurcher lass mate ??????????? still dont get the lurcher lass comment, wots that all about? anyone?
  3. stunning paintings mate, absolute crackers. atb with the sale
  4. i would put something like a 1/4 bull 1/4 saluki 1/2 grey mate, it adds an extra dash of stamina into the mix and keeps the proportion of bull. your bitch looks a cracker by the way mate. atb
  5. i dont get the lurcher lass mate ???????????
  6. nice looking dogs there mate, atb jay
  7. lovely looking ground mate, atb jay
  8. cracking looking pups mate atb with the sale
  9. nice looking dog mate, will be reducing the bunny population this season by the look of it, atb jay
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