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  1. briggo

    Hunt Servants Whip

    Thanks for all the replies
  2. briggo

    Hunt Servants Whip

    It has a white leather thong already but most of the colour has worn off,just wanted to re colour it
  3. briggo

    Hunt Servants Whip

    Thought about that but seemed to simple, will give it a go
  4. briggo

    Hunt Servants Whip

    just been given a swaine hunt servants whip,needs a little tlc,was wondering what to use to whiten it,any ideas anyone.
  5. briggo


  6. briggo

    Hunting Ban Poll

  7. briggo

    Fell Boots

    Been using a "Chelsea" black dubbin on mine seems ok and puts a bit of colour back as well
  8. briggo


  9. briggo

    Hunt Buttons

    You have a pm
  10. briggo

    Fell Packs..

    Me and soapy used to do a few irish songs in the pub most weekends, my son still lives in the same village I,ll see if I can track him down
  11. briggo

    Fell Packs..

    Yes he could sing a bit,i don't see him now as I,ve moved from Aspull.
  12. briggo

    Fell Packs..

    Soapy was from Aspull a town near Wigan I know him well.
  13. briggo

    Good Read Poaching Books

    Having a clear out,shoting pigeons john Humphries,poachers and poaching Watson,animal traps bateman,a Victorian poacher hawker,romance of poaching smith,its my delight,poachers handbook,the poachers companion,while others sleep,confessions of a poacher,the notorious poacher,the rabbit,a poachers tale rabbitskin cap ,a poachers way,i walked by night,the amateur poacher,the sporting roughshoot. collect only £40 THE LOT ! ALL IN GOOD CONDITION please don't ask me to post them.
  14. briggo

    Fell Boots

    the leather wont polish up. Its tough old stuff that needs breaking in and dubbin applied. Its not like your normal soft leather, its built to take abuse. I wouldnt bother polishing any walking boots though, just dubbin. Cheers Rob I had some years ago and I,m sure I used to polish them ,any way the leather is reverse kip apparently[inside out ]so I guess dubbin it is then ,ps been wearing them to walk the dog forgot how comfy they are.