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  1. Yes, I read he left the Cheshire fox hounds to go as a part time terrier man for the border county otter hounds and topped his wage up by doing concreting as well
  2. after your first dig thats it mate your hooked for life f**k all to ground around my way at the moment, making a start on the estates next week though, get a few digs in befor the f*****g beeting starts say that again mate how deep into wales are you? im right on the chester wrexham border literally
  3. my first season digging this year and had my first ever dig bout 2 week's back
  4. dig to the male? looking for a male stud, what height?
  5. ta herdwick sunday will tell How did it work? I take it its for smoking out vermin? Did you use a standard 50/1 oil mix or a bit more oil for added smoke? the smoke is not what actaully makes the rats bolts its the fumes replacing the air so the rats cant breath, the smoke is there so you can see if it going straight in and out another hole
  6. My Ones have been going Beating from 6mnth,socialise with other dogs,Guns hate you! if they latch on to one of theirs,lot of money invested in Gundogs,Definately Stock Break,and try not to let them peg birds.Call and Recall is a must if your going beating,not letting Hunt away to much,try Quatering them. When their ready for bigger stuff you'll know!Some Fox Guys will tell you to stay clear of Bunnies,depending on how serious you are about digging stay clear,Me I let mine hunt anything,but I don,t mind Digging down to a bunny,but have never had to.J. M. O. and was said before lot more experience out there,LISTEN to it ALL then decide whats Right for YOU !! Good Hunting.. if a young pup was worked on rabbits is there anyway to break him so he's steady on foxes?
  7. anybody work there russell on rabbits and find that he still goes to gorund for fox without losing concrenation rabbit skin/fur/carcass in the earth?
  8. bit of topic, but anyone work there terriers on rabbits and foxes?
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