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    My wife. Hunting whitetails. Good dogs. Eating Bacon!
  1. ErnieOnLI

    Large Gun Safes.

    Thanks for responding everyone. Al69ec, that's a fine looking safe. 04Fox8, I will definitely take your advice. It's been too long since I've gone to a show. Cliff Ray, that's awesome. I'm glad the police are satisfied with your work. I wish I had that level of skill.
  2. ErnieOnLI

    Large Gun Safes.

    I want to purchase a large gun safe. 20 firearm capacity minimum. I've researched several companies but have not come to a conclusion as to which manufacturer is the best. I am hoping some members could shed light on the subject by offering their own experiences, be it good or bad. I'd love to know which companies should be avoided and which ones you know to be top-notch. I've read countless reviews and every experience seems to be pot luck. Some rave while other have horrible experiences with the same company and same safe. Some arrive damaged or function poorly. Others have horrible experiences with customer service as well as warranty issues. These reviews are all over the place. I appreciate you taking the time to post. Thanks! Ernie.
  3. ErnieOnLI

    Philip Seymour Hoffman

    NYC newspapers saying It wasn't a suicide. He was on a big binge and stocked up at least 50 bags of heroin. He was gonna shut out and party for weeks.They found a few more bags of different drugs in the apt. as well. He was a very talented actor and I enjoyed a few of his movies but never saw him on stage. Many say he was brilliant in theater. My problem with him was his anti-gun views.. He supported a gun ban in the US. The thing that struck me about his death was he died of an accidental drug overdose. A prohibited drug, obviously. Some folks just can't put 2 & 2 together. Banning firearms wouldn't stop criminals from obtaining them anymore than banning drugs has stopped the prohibited drug industry. It was ironic that he would support prohibition of firearms while knowing prohibition has always failed. The hypocrisy pisses me off. Sorry to rant. I simply can't stand folks that support taking my guns. Peace. E.
  4. ErnieOnLI

    be careful !

    Great vids. It's easy to see how an accidental shooting could occur under these circumstances. I hope no one was injured in these hunts. I wonder how long it took that dude to get up from being thrown like a rag doll?
  5. ErnieOnLI

    Baiting Deer

    They love apples. My boss has property in upstate NY and he scatters bags of old apples around from time to time to keep the deer attracted to his land. Some folks use the deer feed or deer blocks. Some states in the US don't allow baiting; some allow it. If you have access to an apple orchard bring some garbage bags and fill up on the old nasty apples rotting on the ground .They'll eat em up.
  6. ErnieOnLI

    Protection Vest

    Vest are very popular in the US for wild pig hunts. Those dogs are often injured before the hunter catches up to pig. They often use collars as well. Not sure they'd be necessary for your needs but they're affordable. i have no experience using vest for my dog but did a quick search and found a shop selling them at reasonable prices. Perhaps this is what you're looking for. Although i'm sure you'll have companies closer to home which offer similar products. Here's a link to a vest seller in the US. http://deepsouthhogdogsupply.com/id33.html
  7. ErnieOnLI

    Just A Picture

    That's a great dog. The epitome of a gun dog.
  8. ErnieOnLI

    Hello Everyone

    I'm a newbie hunter from Long Island, New York. I'm gonna work on my profile after posting here but wanted to give a quick intro as it's required. I'm a former active duty Marine and Gulf War vet. Happily married to the best woman ever. I've become more and more interested in hunting as I've grown older. Having grown up in Nassau County, Long Island I was not raised in the culture for a variety of reasons. (Yes, It's as liberal as you think) I have a good friend from work who got me interested and eventually I purchased his bow. A nice Parker which I have yet to hunt with. I've gone hunting once a few years ago up in Sullivan County in NY after taking the hunters safety course for firearms and the second course for bow hunting. (Both free in NYS.) Back then I used an old Yugo SKS with a cheap scope. It was all I had at the time. Since that time I've purchased a nice Ruger American Rifle in .308 with a great Nikon scope that I'm very eager to hunt with. Although I did not have any success on that trip to Sullivan; It was a lot of fun being with a group of good people for the weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. I've purchased my tags every year since and have scouted but unavoidable situations arose and I was unable to get out in the field. I'm not discouraged by it at all. I enjoy reading, studying and learning what I can about white tail hunting and am eager to harvest my first deer. I even got the outdoor package from my cable provider and it's pretty much all I watch. I absolutely LOVE the taste of venison and can't wait to fill my freezer for the first time. It will be a moment to remember for the rest of my life. I have no experience hunting other game but would not hesitate to give it a shot if the opportunity arises. I'm getting all the gear I need, slowly, one piece at a time. There always seems to be one more thing out there to buy but I don't want to be a catalog type hunter. It's obvious to me that hunting isn't all about gear. Although, good gear can go a long way I'm not buying something unless I find that I need it. If anyone has any questions for me or I've not given quite enough info about myself please feel free to ask. I'm eager to take advantage of all the knowledge, info, tips, etc., that I can from this site. I'm sure there is a wealth of valuable information to be had here and I'm looking forward to learning a ton from you all. I'm not accustomed to using forums so I'm taking it easy and getting used to using the site. Best wishes to all here. Ernie.