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  1. Larryleftjab

    Show Us Pictures Of Cockers

    Bet that went down well in the springer world ;-D
  2. Larryleftjab

    Show Us Pictures Of Cockers

    This is the little fella that keep me busy,1 yr old. Handling well,good on the whistle. Just needs a few trips in a rabbit pen to steady him up.
  3. Larryleftjab

    First Attempt At Stickmaking

    Only took me two evenings' and a couple of goings over with some oil the week after. :-)
  4. Just a quick clip I've watched today. absolute quality. Haha enjoy.
  5. Larryleftjab

    First Attempt At Stickmaking

    Thank for the advice I did glue and washer/nut trick,but never thought to mess up the threaded bar. Great tip. Live and learn hey. Gonna have to get hold of some buffalo horn me thinks. :-)
  6. Larryleftjab

    First Attempt At Stickmaking

    Cheers chaps,I recon I'm gonna attempt a new knive next. Might have started something here. :-)
  7. Hey guys feeling pretty proud of this little project,as it's something I've never really done. I was after a nice stick for walking the pooch,sourced some seasoned hazel of a friend some antler for the handle and hardwood for a spacer/reducer. I used linseed oil on the stick which I'm happy with. My question is what would be best to use on the antler crown? Some sort of resin? I've seem some that have a blacked out crown polished up like glass,what is that? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Pete.
  8. Larryleftjab

    Best Song After A Beer

    Can't believe nobody has mentioned the "cash" Got to up there on a drunken night in.
  9. Larryleftjab

    The Sites Weather Forecast

    Well down here is wetter than me mam at a Tom jones concert
  10. Larryleftjab

    Tree Creeper

    Cheers fireman,but I've not posted it on Facebook so must be a different shot.
  11. Larryleftjab

    Tales Of A Derby Poacher...anyone Read It ?.

    Great little read. I picked a copy up off flea bay a while back,it's based around where I live so it's relevant. Makes you appreciate how easy we have it nowadays.
  12. Larryleftjab

    New Cocker Pup

    Well guys had the pup a week now. It's going well,last two nights not even had a murma/whine. Toilet trainings all good also. He is quite bitey at the min. If he pinches to hard,I cry out and ignore him for a wee while. Hopfully he'll get the picture. :-)
  13. Larryleftjab

    New Cocker Pup

    Cheers guys,he's been great so far. Had a couple of pee's inside,bar that all other mess has been outside. He is very bold and into everything. Haha
  14. Larryleftjab

    New Cocker Pup

    Hi all This is "monty" our new pup he's 8weeks old. Had him for one night so far,I have him indoors and crated. He had a little whine for 10-15 mins then straight off. Hes eating well,and seems to be settling in nicely.So good so far. :-)
  15. Larryleftjab

    What Will You Have On Your Headstone

    Not sure about what to have on my headstone but I've always fancied this coffin. Could just see the lads carrying me on their shoulders.haha