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  1. There's loads in a graveyard near me, don't tend to let my whippet off in there though because I'm scared off her smashing into a grave, a lad I see sometimes in there with his to lost 1 to a gravestone last year
  2. Were abouts are you mate Manchester area?
  3. No I'm not thinking of taking an older dog on, my bitch is 16 month old now just not getting out as much as IDE like at the minute with one thing and another hoping to get some more time into her now, just seems I get out abit and then sumat comes up and training I've done lapses
  4. What size is the frame mate do you know, ino they do them in small, medium and large and I'm after a small I'm only 5ft 2 haha
  5. How old wood you say is too old to start a lurcher working anyone ever took a dog on at a late stage, everyone has got opinions when best to start so what age would you say when it's been left to late to get the best out of a dog
  6. Good to see there's still people out there getting young ens into it, my lads 6 what would people recommend as a first gun for him, I've got a webley fx 2000, was thinking of getting him a nice lightweight gun for Christmas plus it's a good excuse for me to have another play with a new toy haha
  7. Ferret locator and collars wanted lancashire area cash waiting
  8. I work next to the webbox factory in Bburn and it frickingg stinks ha, as for bakers and Wagg there cheap for a reason, I find raw to be the best for my bitch, maybe not for everyone but definately seen a huge difference in feeding mine raw, tried many different dry foods but my bitch never seemed to take to any of them, she will eat raw mince all day and now I can manage how much she eats a lot better were as on dry she just seemed to eat the bare minimum of what she needed so always looked unhealthy, also scraps of veg, potatoes and pasta, we never waste much in our house with the dog works
  9. Month later now and there's barely a mark on her, it's healed really well, no flap of skin or anything nice and flat like new ready for running again, suppose feeding her quality raw meat helps with recovery aswel
  10. 1 of my mates has got a litter ready to go in about 3 weeks time based in lancashire both parents real good grafters, racey types tho, bitch had 12 but 1 died not sure how many he's sold but you won't get a better workers than these
  11. Were abouts are you mate that's a great offer
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