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  1. Simulated Game shooting (half day) Sat 30th May, being held in Kelston, Bath Simulated game shooting is conducted in the same manner as a pheasant shoot except clays replace the birds. Good quality targets simulating partridge and pheasant and more targets than than you can possibly shoot at. Topography of the ground provides quality targets. 9.30am-1pm groups or single guns Included in price -2 drives -2000 + clays over the guns throughout the Morning -bacon butty breakfast and in field refreshments Fibre wads only £65 per gun 8 places left Limited spaces so please get in touch via PM if interested. Regards
  2. Nice accurate write up there martin! Thanks again for the night out, it was very kind of you to take me out and show me how its done properly. It was great fun and i was very pleased that the first charlie decided to stop to your howl/bark thing lol. He definitely wasnt going anywhere quick, shot through the left side and exited out the neck. It was a shame about the second one, im not sure what happened but it sounded like a good solid connection to me and looked like the shot was good through the scope (fantastic scope by the way). Hopefully he expired out of sight, i hate wounding! The shots on the rabbits were good, especially the .243 neck shot! Cant get more humane than that really and no meat damage. Like i said if i can return the favour and hold the lamp for you anytime id be very happy to do so, no better way to learn than from someone whos got the experience. All the best Matt
  3. Cheers guys, The long nets are definitely a game changer. So much easier! I think I lost one rabbit out of the Nets that day so 4z do the trick nicely and not that much debris when picking up. Back out on Sunday to do the 'big hedge' so ill let you know how it goes. Longers7 you have pm ATB
  4. Yeah they are pretty similar martin, wish i had a chance to take this buck before he popped his coggs. Looking forward to the summer even more now! Do you think they would be any good sussex? Would the lack of symmetry count againt them? Cheers
  5. Cheers ross, it was pretty tricky taking photos at times as well as dealing with rabbits/ferrets and nets, was good fun though. leethedog, the quickset longnets i bought off nelson come ready to go, basket + poles. He's a decent size hob but not as big as he looks in that photo. Its nice to bring him out with the jills now and then when its shallow warrens as he does get hold of them pretty quickly, doesnt half make them shift though. atb
  6. Found this when out rough shooting. Weirdly formed antlers with quite a few points and pretty substantial thickness. ATB
  7. My new longnets arrived from nelson last week so i thought id give them a go on saturday. I went to one of my permissions which was in need of thinning out as the rabbits are tucking into the wheat and causing a fair bit of damage. I decided to just use the longnets as i wanted to get used to running them out and picking them up quickly and by the end i was pretty happy with the result. The wind was strong and gusty for most of the day so i had my hands full but it was a good day in the end with 10 nice healthy rabbits, one of which was dug to as my hob got hold of it. All the warrens were in hedges and broken down dry stone walls which are usually a pain to purse net so it made a nice change to be able to set out the longnet and sit back. All the bolts happened pretty swiftly, i guess due to reduced noise compared to walking around the warren netting up each individual hole, and the ferrets worked well so a good overall result. looking forwards to getting out with the longnets again. ATB
  8. matt101

    Too Windy?

    I fell asleep just after posting this and only just woke up lol maybe it wasnt meant to be. My windows are rattling about still but im going to head out ferreting with the longnets and see what its like in the daylight, if its not too bad ill pop out later Thanks
  9. matt101

    Too Windy?

    Hello, I'm thinking about going out longnetting tonight. Got a decent place in mind and the wind direction is right for it but it's Blowing a gale around me at the moment. I know it's best to go on a windy night but can it be too windy to go longnetting? Thanks
  10. Does anyone know if it's possible to convert my handheld lightforce lance to a scope mounted version as I want to be able to stick it on my rifle for when I'm out foxing. If possible where is best to get the bits from? Thanks Matt.
  11. cheers guys. any recommended 3 inch lift kits? been looking at bloodredoffroad but they only do a 2inch. ferretkent12g i bought 255 70 r15 grabber AT's. There were two already on the back wheels so i just complete the set. Iv had them in the past and they seem to do the trick pretty well so far especially as i do quite a bit of on road driving on them. I towed a pretty heavily laden trailer up a wet muddy hill (not super steep) with just the back two AT tyres last week so the've been pretty good so far, now i have the full set it should be much better. Back out tomorrow so i guess ill see how much difference my 215 quid made. I dont think ill have much use for a snorkel as i havent had to go through water yet. Much difference from the K&N ? cheers
  12. I bought a daihatsu fourtrak last week and now that I've got some decent tyres on it ( general grabber at's) I'm after some advice on things that I can do to improve its performance off road. Any suggestions would be great. The obvious one seems to be to lift it. Is a lift kit worth it? If so how high? Thanks
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