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  1. In top class condition fare play 2 you [BANNED TEXT]
  2. What age are they now some some size of pups and all in top class condition fare play 2 you
  3. I have a dvd here with posh sister on it a white bitch lofty has her and all them joe kelly stuff geoff posh sister is like a full greyhound 2 a hare 3 hour of coursing a lad in wales send back 6 dvd best of the best
  4. Cannot get pics up can anyone put them up for me i will send them 2 them cheers lads
  5. Going to pics up of my 2 pups of franny x nell 10 month old
  6. She is a class looking bitch them pups should be something special
  7. I say there all gone already pup like them dont hang around 2 long
  8. Fine health looking litter what the colours of the dogs
  9. Anyone selling a porta meg box lads
  10. 2 of franny x nell look pure class very racey type what have you got fen fever do you still have franny i going to start them very soon
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