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  1. Same here thats then buety of the x there bred not to go to far like a pure hound. I do agree tho if you only mooch about on small places a steady terrier will do you.
  2. Do you rivet them coz its easyier than stitching?
  3. Good sensible debate for a change . Isnt it strange how these x's are getting more popular people choosing them over terriers. I've seen good terriers bushing but they just lack that bit extra for me personally! When things start making ground they soon get left behind when the purpose bred dogs keep putting the presure on.
  4. Terriers catch plenty of bunny in cover due to them being pritty mute compared to say a beagle x imo. But I dont want my busher to catch same as the lads I know we wont a run so want them to make as much noise as possible when they find to flush them into the open. Terriers have there place for mooching about small tight covers they'll catch plenty of bunnys.
  5. Right lads just had a debate with pip on the phone, he wreckons terriers are just as good at bushing as a purpose bred dog ie beagle russel, beagle spaniel etc, I got some good mates that have used terriers for well over 20 years maybe 30yrs some of them, but they prefere the x's they just leave the terriers for dust. I have no doubt you get the odd freak like the dam to pips beagle russel but still they soon slow down when the x's are just getting warmed up, im not talking about mooching about im talking good hard long cold wet winter day etc. this is to the lads that work both regularly on plenty of land all season not the odd mooch about odd park or industriel estate....OPINIONS PLEASE
  6. Why pm pip then if its just the internet lol practice what you preach!
  7. Most people wont say speak up about him coz they'll get banned, cyber bully lol
  8. Ok maybe abit to much maybe 1 person likes him ianb
  9. Likes giving warning points does matt, think he abuses his mod muscles to much think its time his crown is taken away from him to make thl a better place. No one likes the guy anyway!
  10. Good little watchhttp://m.youtube.com/results?q=hunting%20with%20griffin%20vendeens&sm=3
  11. Cheers lads, its a cracking looking dog just my type, think I will hang in there for a beagle x spaniel.
  12. What do you think of this if ot was around the corner I'd of give it a go for that price. What will the vandeen bring to the table? http://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/686126-beagle-x-griffon-vendeen-dog-for-sale-pencader.html
  13. Bit of a loony that thing just like her dam lol.
  14. Nice one mate, healthy little chicks buy the looks.
  15. Pmslhttp://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OFdK_TBrBGs
  16. Bazil brush

    4 Week Lined,

    Gutted for you fp, hope you get sorted.
  17. Shut up you dickhead matt your hated on this forum you cock you ban all the good members and think your some kind of fuking god coz your a mod. So is a yew a fuking conifer, how the fuk am I supposed to know what im looking at if I dont ask I could be cutting down anything I aint no gardener.
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