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  1. glogin

    Stalking Peri-Urban Roebuck

    No, they usually active at night only
  2. glogin

    Stalking Peri-Urban Roebuck

    It was filmed in Poland. These are suburbs of Warsow, there is a big motorway on one side and surrounded by the town, with some single houses dotted through the area. It is not easy to show on the vid, but there are cars, houses and people all over the place :-) High seats are allowed, but not that many around, couple of high towers for wild boar shooting.
  3. glogin

    Stalking Peri-Urban Roebuck

    4-5 years old.
  4. glogin

    Stalking Peri-Urban Roebuck

    Thanks. Don't know when I am going to be in Scotland, busy at work and home alike...
  5. This is peri-urban area with a town, motorway, but also some agricultural land in between. Plenty of deer, but also people and cars any time of day and night. I hope this shows how important good backstop is in such areas. The buck has been drying for a week, so won't dry out much more, weights 525g.