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  1. Don't believe you !! pics of you NV build please lol
  2. Yes the XT moves the reticule on screen using X&Y axis but if your zero is way out this will move the crosshairs off centre on screen, hope that helps.
  3. Yes just bought an XT , never had the MK1 to compare. Its a nice unit not impressed with the built in ir but slap on a T20 and its soo much better, Need adjustable mounts to zero in scope or me being a cheapskate shimmed up rear mount and Hey Presto all sorted, Will try and do a video on youtube so you can see , next week probably.
  4. Rain and very windy in Swansea , bl,,,dy rats will be drowned instead of shot lol
  5. Good advice fro Ian B, I used silicone as per instructions on Markey's connecter and it seems solid, Tried out tonight and it does cut down on your fow but nice clear picture and not so focus fussy. Watch out them rats!!
  6. Buy a new one from microglobe had mine delivered this morning, don't think you will find one cheaper on e .bay and you have a warranty as well, its a no brainer.
  7. E&J nightvision on facebook have add on kits for around that price
  8. Microglobe tel no 020 72406774 £86.40 delivered
  9. As new comes with carry bag, charge leads etc. all complete £400 , very nice NV and records for all you wannabe youtube stars. SOLD SOLD mods please can you remove
  10. Bargain for someone really nice rifle
  11. Nice accurate bullpup rifle , comes with original case UK Neil moderator and 2 mags. PS can send pics to mob or e mail on request.
  12. doesn't matter where to be honest but suggest an adjustable torch mount so you can align beam with you crosshairs for a nice view of that poor rabbit before he goes in the pot , happy hunting
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