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  1. fireblade_rrw

    Nitesite Viper Or Yukon Photon 5X42

    What would be great is a "sticky" with a summary & score out of 10 against all the NV kit.
  2. fireblade_rrw

    New X Sight?

    I take it the usual Scott Country "This is THE one" advertising on you tube (deliberate)! Every other month they're heralding the answer to the maidens prayers of night vision. Its actually sickening watching punters getting fleeced!
  3. fireblade_rrw

    D I Y Night Vision Nt300

    450 quid?? 50 quid more than a bra d new Photon XT.
  4. fireblade_rrw

    Photon Xt

    Any details on mounts mate?
  5. fireblade_rrw

    Photon Xt

    Yes it has a side weaver rail for accessories. Ty. Looks impressive compared with other digi stuff ive seen. Going to stick it on a new T3 stainless wirh a titanium moderator. Incidentally, anyone used quick release scope mounts? Good, bad, accurate?
  6. fireblade_rrw

    New Rifle

    Thanks, i know, but saving 350 quid is tempting!
  7. fireblade_rrw

    Are The Police Allowed ??????

    Normal speeding offenses will be ignored, however if its a ban for going too fast, dangerous driving, or drink/drugs driving they'll take your firearms licence off you. Basically they claim that by getting done for the above, you're irresponsible. This isnt supposition, its fact. Friend of mine got banned for doing 115Mph and they took his firearms licence off him. BASC got involved but (Strathclyde) Police wouldn't budge. That was 8 years ago and he still cant get his licence back.
  8. fireblade_rrw

    New Rifle

    Im about to get another .243 for night shooting. As i currently use a Tikka M595, i want to stay with this make as i love the 595. My preference is a T3 lite stainless with synthetic stock. Intend fitting a titanium moderator and a Photon XT 6.5 night scope. The T3 is selli g at £855... But..... Local dealer has a new Browning A bolt for 500 quid, and im tempted. Any advice out tbere?
  9. fireblade_rrw

    Photon Xt

    Does the XT have a mount for another illuminator?
  10. Seems like theres a shortage of Nosler 95g .243 bullets. Tried most places in Scotland but they've been out of stock now for months. Managed to get a box of silver tips, but not tried them yet. I hear the most popular (and cheaper) round atm is Hornady vmax 87g in .243. Although they too are out of stock. Anyone used them?
  11. fireblade_rrw

    DSC 1

    Like it or loathe it, DSC and being able to demonstrate your competence is here to stay. Folk can bump their gums until they bleed, but its only going to get harder to go deer stalking. Either embrace the change, or lose out. Its a very simple choice.
  12. fireblade_rrw

    Butler Creek Size

    Measure tge objective lens outside diameter, pop onto butler creek or outlet shop site & get nearest size, or better still get onto fleabay & buy cheap chinese alternative for quarter of the price. Does the same job.
  13. fireblade_rrw

    Photon Xt

    Isn't the XT zeroed electronically? Ie theres a function for movement of X & Y axis?
  14. fireblade_rrw

    Yukon Photon Xt 6.5 X 50

    Different magnification. The new one is for longer range i assume. The higher magnification may be too much for <50 yds shots.
  15. fireblade_rrw

    Variable Or Fixed Magnification???

    Cheap scopes may move zero, quality scopes dont. I have a vaiable on a Docter, because I do various types of shooting. Its spot on at any mag. But it dod cost a grand. As always its down to quality versus affordability. Buy as good a quality as you can afford. In my humble folk compromise too much on glass.