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  1. Thanks folks I was helping him with sheep and quite a few skeins took of and landed during the day so thought I might have a crack at them will have to look into their routine. Can only find out information about shooting them on the foreshore not inland that’s why I’m asking. As far as I can work out I have permission and they are in season so I’m good to go. Thanks again everyone.
  2. Hello I’m in the Peebles area This is probably not going to be a regular thing just fancied having a goose one night. it’s also an excuse to get my arse out the door early one morning
  3. Thanks They are in season and inland on new grass will get More cartridges geese inland 1st September till 31st January Thanks again
  4. Hello folks ok so I can shoot geese on my mates farm it’s going to be very amateurish me my dog and Number 3’s in steel. It’s not a wetland but will use steel as have them. I’m in the Scottish Borders is there anything else legally I need to do or be aware of. Thanks for your time and help
  5. Petition · Vote of No Confidence in Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government #ResignSturgeon · Change.org CHNG.IT As #ResignSturgeon trends across social media, it has become clear that Nicola Sturgeon and her government are utterly incapable of working for the best interests... It might take a few seconds of your life that you won’t get back but it’s well worth it this is the only time I will waste my time on the Scottish Nazi party
  6. I hope not Fraggle it tend's to smart a bit stay low stay safe
  7. With the growing numbers of wounded personnel repatriated to the UK and with continued growth in medically discharged personnel since the Falklands war to current conflicts and operations, our service men & women and veterans of previous operational service are owed the best medical care possible. The existing facilities are falling short and the NHS are not meeting the needs of veterans who still need treatment for their service related conditions. A dedicated Military & Veterans Hospital will greatly help resolve this National scandal since the complete closure of our military hospit
  8. Hi Folks Can anyone help I am looking for a gun shop with a good selection of precharged air rifles around the Edinburgh / Borders / Fife / Perthshire areas I would prefer to at least hold a gun before I buy it some I have seen don’t feel right Cheers Kenny Mac
  9. For B.F.P.O just address it to For A Soldier serving in Iraq / Afghanistan B.F.P.O It will Make it to some one they will appreciate it no matter what you put in it just one bit of advice before you put anything in and send it just think what would this look like if I put it in the tumble dryer for 2 hours that is what the B.F.P.O mail system is like I.E. Jelly Baby’s end up as one big ball but Dark Rum in a small coke bottle gets through and is great for moral and vodka in a Sprite bottle as well just a wee note no the bottle discreetly would be nice but not important it really can
  10. You would be better of using your helmet to dig that one of those pieces of shit if you are in the army you should know your kit is supplied by the lowest bidder get rid of it and reallocate a G10 shovel to your home
  11. Guys, I got this sent to me this lad has done more for our country than all that scum our goverment lets in. You may or may not heard but a former Gurkha Soldier whom happens to hold the Victoria Cross has been denied access to the UK to seek medical attention. Mr Tul Bahadur Pun VC, who fought in WW2 won the VC whilst fighting the Japannese, He is now a very old man who needs certain medical services but his application has not not met the approval of the British Embassy in Nepal. Please all go to www.vchero.co.uk and fill out the petition there to get this hero the things th
  12. Well thanks’ for the help lads but it is all getting a bit confusing looking for sights, sight brackets, suppressers, refill kit’s and the rest I think I will wait till I get back to the UK and go around some shops I read this on one sight about a rifle Mad al recommended not having a go at you al just some clown in the shop( I am sure you are not giving me Duff Gen) We recommend it for use in controlling vermin in closer proximity and is ideal for pigeons, rats, and rabbits at closer than normal range, and a perfectly accurate rifle for field target work It sounds like I wo
  13. Hi Woodchip That wont be a great drama have a friend that is a head green keeper and was always on at me to bring my shotguns up when I went home so I have that but don’t want to Bust Bunnies for ever and if I spend that kind of money I WILL find land also considering getting my FAC what are those air rifles like or would I be better off getting a .22 Rifle I work abroad so have time to consider what I want to do. Cheers Kenny
  14. Hi New to this sight I have moved to a new area and I am thinking of getting an air rifle. I can fined about £1000 I only want to buy once one good gun with all the bit's and pieces. So I can offer more than just shooting with shot gun's it can limit you a bit on what you can offer the farmer. Any help would be great as I have not had an air rifle since I was a kid Cheers Kenny
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