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  1. Only do this if you want the impact point lower.
  2. Thought I'd seen one somewhere before and obtain that's it. Cheers
  3. Nice vid! What game bag are you using? Looks a decent bit of kit!
  4. Yeah, prices of mags for all brands are ridiculous aren't they.
  5. http://riflemags.co.uk/browning-t-bolt-magazines/ Slightly cheaper
  6. It depends. A standard non bull barrel with a silencer is quieter than a bull barrel. You can always add a silencer to a bull barrel with an adapter.
  7. Would have to be a SuperTen for me. Wish I'd never sold mine.
  8. Yeah, they are very good. Make your barrel same length as with a SAK on it.
  9. Richard does some great reviews. Well worth a watch. I still like my DM80's
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