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  1. fagaen

    Free Vote On Fox Hunting

    Yea i agree mate we can only hope none of them can be trusted.there all gangsters at the end of the day its all about money and getting rid of anyone who gets in there way
  2. Theresa may has promised a free vote if re elected .she will allow all mps to make up their own mind by the end of the next 5 year parliament.supposedly she said this in.leeds yorkshire .
  3. It sounds like a lot of work i may need to go over and get it all done, as if its chipped id have to be there with my details wouldnt i ?
  4. Anyone know the procedure for the above ? Also num for any transporters Thanks lads
  5. fagaen

    High And Low Points Of The Season

    Youd be surprised how far the lamping lot travel
  6. fagaen

    High And Low Points Of The Season

    Totally agree with the above luckily i dont get that and if that dod happen im pretty sure the landowners would call the police .thats upto them i just wouldnt be the person doing it
  7. fagaen

    High And Low Points Of The Season

    If the only people who hunted were people with permission you could guarantee that would be 50% less people supporting our fight against the ban maybe even more.its not nice having people on your hard earned permission i know the feeling.id never give details police as i wouldnt want to make a criminal out of somebody and maybe ruin their livelihood.i would put word about i wasnt happy and hopefully it would stop .most 9f not all of us have at some point wondered over our boundaries as the grass always looks greener and there is always that patch of wood that looks as if it would hold .were in this together poacher shooter digging man coursing man .when we start reporing each other its the begining of the end .id put up some signs maybe help build dykes but dont be turnimg like minded lads into criminals i see your point but i think.there are other ways of protecting your land i hope you solve the problem but as said theres always someone whos gonna wonder Atb faegan
  8. fagaen

    3/4 Saluki 1/4 Grey Bitch

    Putting a price on a dog does not guarantee a good home mate and thats not a dig at you hope she finds a good home
  9. fagaen


    you have a point there thinking about it .
  10. fagaen


    A dog dont have to be smashed to be a worker .dont need to be ugly to get job done look at floyd mayweather
  11. fagaen

    Too Big

    not a dig but i may be able to span a dog that you couldnt the spanning theory in my eyes is not the way forward as i said not a dig at you
  12. fagaen

    High And Low Points Of The Season

    I remeber the good old days of a gang of 10 to 12 of us laping at 15 year old would walk miles n never get bothered what a laugh n some great memories of lads falling and standing in shit lol
  13. fagaen

    High And Low Points Of The Season

    Ha ha that was the closest iv been to saying thats me im beat ha
  14. fagaen

    High And Low Points Of The Season

    The young uns who are doing this typeof social media shit tend to fuk off ater a season but theres a lot of good young lads about i was oneyself only a few years ago it all depends who brings you on in the terrier game as to how you conduct yourself .monkey see monkey do i think the saying is