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  1. auto culto

    CZ rifles

    I've got a CZ HMR 16" varmint and a CZ 527 American in .223 cal and both are great rifles. I will say though if your going to be carrying the varmint round fields "DONT GET ONE" as they get bloody heavy after a while. Get the Varmint for range use or the American for field work and you wont go far wrong. What caliber are you going for and what will its main use be ?
  2. called one of my shooting buds see if he wanted to go for a wonder round for a few hours , when he pulled up at the house the heavens opened ( great fun ) we still decided to go and hope that it would blow over .. Then after a bit of pushing and grunting (not so good start) due to a flat battery we arrived at the ground. once there we had a quick walk round and made are way to the edge of the woods . After a few short flash's with the lamp i spoted a bunnie sitting proud just waiting for the HMR, another quick flash to confirm location and bug**r me a fox had appeared in the thicket behind the bunnie, so we sat tight and squeaked it in a little , after a min or so we flicked on the lamp and there in front of us about yards was a nice pair of eyes without any hesitation crack went the .223 and the fox's dropped .. Must Admit i was well chuffed to say the least as I've been trying for a fox with the .223 for a while now and whilst I've had them in range a few times the backstops have been insufficient to shoot .. Talk about starting the night with a high .. we then walked a few more fields and RK on the HMR bagged a bunny from about 100 yards after that we spotted a fox at around 200 yards but the shot wasn't safe so we tried to move possition to get it in front of a good back stop but we got winded in the end. The second shot RK made was great as the bunnie only stopped running for a second or two before he plugged it . Its a shame it started to rain as we had just got setup in a cracking spot for the bunnies on a cache of bricks stacked 3 high which had just been placed there which made a great high shooting platform to work from. Needless to say i,m sure we will be there again next week weather permitting .. The rifle at the top of the pic is a CZ 452 varmint 16" hmr bedded into a Richards microfit tac-driver stock. The lower pic is a bedded .223 CZ 527 American with T4AR mod that just loves hornady 40rg v-max
  3. auto culto

    22 mag/ 223

    The .22mag rimfire puts out highend 200ftlbs and a .223 around 1300ftlbs. The rf will do the job at 100yards with good shot placment. If its for foxing then i,d personaly go with the .223 as theres not much differance between the 222 and 223 apart from ammo availabilty and price. The .223 is a little more powerfull and faster, its flat for 200yards and easy to shoot at 300yards... . Its now a UK legal caliber for mutjac and cwd wich is a nice consideration. However if as you have been offered a .243 then go for that as its a deer legal cal also and will do everything you will ever need dont forget to put down for a mod at the same time
  4. auto culto

    one of lifes little mysterys

    hmm you watched bullet proof monk also then
  5. auto culto

    Slow Cookers

    hehe ditch youll be buying a breadmaker next and suffering with indegestion from eating hot bread with melted butter
  6. this is her long lost cousin
  7. auto culto

    blow-up doll

    the latest craze
  8. auto culto

    Hares with the rimmy.

    Everyone is missing the point here, if its illegal to course hares then there's not really much of an alternative is there. Looks to me like there's a fair few folks on here that are regularly poaching and breaking the law then boasting about it. I'd be inclined to keep it under wraps
  9. auto culto

    Free Night Shoot

    read my web site http://www.outshooting.com "dont f**k about with the lads on here or you'll be left with 2 acres hangin between your legs"? Dont make FU**ing idle threats, every thing is good about it, thats the trouble with people today they wont everything for nothing & when they get offered something for nothing they dont want it. You shooters are always hassling us land owners to shoot our land & when we offer it free, you think up some Bullsh*t scam, if you don't want it then don't accept it but do not make threats. if you check the web site you will notice that i have also dropped the price for airguns as you suggested in another post No disrespect intended but a lot of folks on in the shooting scene have been targeted or come across the sharp end of antis blood sports. I would advise that you try to look from a shooters point of view as we cant do bugger all about them without loosing our licences or even get into a debate with them. Its wrong i know in a democracy but hey that's the way it is. So in order to protect our sport, hobbies and FAMILIES we need to be very careful who we send personal details to. If you are all legit i,m sure given time and bonding with other members on these types of sites to gain some respect and trust you will be fine. I would love to take you up on the offer of shooting as i would most as i,m sure your a great guy but one thing i wont do is give you my personal details untill i trust you. Trust has to be earned before it can be given. Ive known two hunting friend that have had to move due to anti;s targeting their homes and the police do sweet fa, so hopefully you can see my point. This is the crazy world we live in, its sad really. As you are a landowner i,m sure you understand why we go on the defensive when alarm bells start to ring.
  10. auto culto

    Free Night Shoot

    i,d be very wary of sending my personal details as you have very few posts and for all we know you my be working on behalf of the anti's pass on personal details to them.
  11. auto culto

    Centrefire Moderators

    is that for real ? it looks like a giant Johnson
  12. auto culto

    old rusty cartridge

    just cut the cart in half, empty the shot then pull the wad out and empty the powder content onto a slab or steel plate, form a thin line with the powder then just touch one with a match. It burns very slowly so no worries ( you will be suprised how slow) . then just drop the remaining cart in the gun and fire off the primer and job done.
  13. auto culto


    some of my most memorable shooting was with an air rifle or .410 on the squirrels. they truly are fun to hunt
  14. auto culto

    fallow stalking

    got some bunnies to swap
  15. auto culto

    How much 17 ammo are you allowed??

    I've got on my ticket for hmr to 600 and buy 500