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  1. Defo end this week to tuesday next at the latest but in the next couple days hair round nipples will be gone so i think as said sunday possibly best o luck kp us posted
  2. Defo all dark eyed for sure can see it under the closed eye lids are dark atb with them mate how old they here 2 weeks?
  3. Thanks for replies guys if im honest the way things were going i honestly dont think he would have harmed or bothered them but im not one for chances as i also have 3 people wanting kits from me and kping 1 myself so better safe than sorry thanks again geo
  4. Well got up this morning quickly doing my duties [BANNED TEXT] work dog walk etc come bk in the back gate heard the sound of kits in the hutch sure enough 9 kits 1 dead so had no time to sort the other hut had no option but too leave my hob in beside mum and kits home from work 12 hrs later to discover bk upto 9 kits and the hob not bothered by them infact cuddling round them with the jill i have seperated him now but i seriously thought the worst going too work today anyone else ever had a hob that dont bother had an old guy tell me once [BANNED TEXT] about an albino hob he had that stayed wi
  5. One off picklefork. Made for the ukca raffle but just can't get on with it. Immaculate condition. 40quid posted.
  6. 4th April. Sheffield. UK Catapult Championships 2015:
  7. Twisting the pouch is not necessary.... Nor is tweaking.... All you MUST do... Is flip the frame..... Flip...Flip...Flip... And it's impossible to hit your hand.
  8. Check out the amount of free loaders on this LOL
  9. I seen a catty by him not long ago that was a bag of crap... Had wonky forks and all.
  10. Wild isn't it^^^... Loses the purpose of a catty fir me
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