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  1. saluki bull2

    Saluki Grey X Bull Grey

    Sandy dogs a pleasure to own hes as obedient as they come the pups a handful ATM thou haha
  2. saluki bull2

    Saluki Grey X Bull Grey

  3. saluki bull2

    Saluki Grey X Bull Grey

  4. saluki bull2

    Red Deer

  5. saluki bull2

    Red Deer

    liar :laugh: ha! Good 1 go get a job , you day walker , just cause your afraid of the dark ! And I don't hav to prove any thing to keyboard warriors like you, go collect your dole and bother someone else muppet!if a red stag wants to get up whilst a dog has got hold of its neck am sure it will just stand up as if the dogs not even there, I agree with who ever said your a liar hahaha bullshitting gets you no where in life!
  6. saluki bull2

    Saluki Grey X Bull Grey

  7. saluki bull2

    Saluki Grey X Bull Grey

    Try again [url="http://s872.photobucket.
  8. saluki bull2

    Saluki Grey X Bull Grey

  9. saluki bull2

    Badger Savages Pet Dog !

    my thoughts excatly!! Could it have been a boar
  10. saluki bull2


    But GSP and Silva fight in different weight divisions, so he isn't contractually obliged to fight him. I didn't mention the 175lb weight division for Henderson, he couldn't cut that much weight, he has fought at 205 and 185 and a decent wrestler? He represented the U.S.A in the Olympics. The fact is in 39 MMA fights nobody has been able to KO Hendo, he probably has the best chin in the sport and very heavy hands........ i think fraudley harrison represented britain in the olyimpics also so what does that prove hes still usless haha hendo doesn't use his wrestling though he prefers to just slug it out, if he can cut 20lb to 185lb then what's stopping him cutting another 10lb? He's over the hill it showed in the machida. Good job he got a injury before the bones fight or else he would of been ko'd or put to sleep.
  11. saluki bull2

    Furey V Haye

    this world class team haye has , that have done it all before .they must work part time .i say this because they must have had the night of when he fought the middleweight and klitchko .any deep digging is going to be on hayes behalf because hes going to need it come fight night ..what are you tyson followers smoking! Haye will knock tyson into next week simple as that
  12. saluki bull2

    Lads Lets See Ya Pups For This September

    Not for September but shel be getting started back end of season she was 71/2 weeks on this pic, she's 10 weeks now
  13. saluki bull2


    If g.s.p got his hands on the belt before silva then he cant turn down a fight with silva, not that g s p could do anything with silva. And as for henderson he couldnt do anything with half the 175 division all henderson has is power and hes a decent wrestler but he never uses his wrestling or grapling he just thinks he can knock every 1 out which he cant hes well past it now hes blowing out his arse after 1 round
  14. saluki bull2


    Silva is 1 of the best in ufc but jon jones is a different level jones is the only 1 who i think no 1 in either the 175lb or the 205lb division can touch
  15. saluki bull2


    I sure did silva would of cleaned weidman out if he wernt acting like he was unbeatable, he said he didnt want a rematch aswell i think hes going to wait till some 1 like g.s.p takes the belt off weidman after his fight with hendrick then silva will take it off g.s.p i