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  1. I've read some bollocks posted on this site in the past but that takes the biscuit, you've had 13 convictions and are therefore classified as a 'known' criminal element to the police. Seriously did you think they'd just swallow it and go "oh well at least he's learnt his lesson"…
  2. It will happen in Spain also Mush, the Spanish will get their chance to show the rest of Europe how to handle them. As much as it pains me to say this; They did it before Thats right, after the Madrid bombings in 2004 we witnessed the biggest lily-livered candle lit vigils followed by massive protests against the War on Terror followed by the election of a hard left socialist government and the new Spanish PM withdrawing all forces from Iraq. Some example to follow eh?.....
  3. Remember having to watch this at school for english, great film and should be preserved for British heritage
  4. Don't give them ideas ffs You must be naive if you think its not on their minds...
  5. How long till they start targeting strategic targets like water reservoirs and power stations
  6. Guardian newspaper is reporting it as a 'incident' how typical of that rag!
  7. Used for moving water for irrigation purposes from what I've read. There's some good YouTube videos showing them working.
  8. That's a cracking collection and one that just sort of clicks with me, fantastic way of triggering past memories from work.
  9. Thats a proper air gunner, spunking money on useless shite thats worth more than the rifle its fixed to...
  10. Take em a season to recce it thats why, then they would need to pace it out, figure out there wind, remember there kill zones and suss out the best ambush points haha No chance of a heavy text session though....loooool
  11. That's a poor reason for something that looks pleasing to the eye. My take was that they had a large amount of standard Mk2 carbines and rifle parts left over and just used them.
  12. A dog stories even easier, you just enter 30 dogs down one hole and none of them jacked!!
  13. The Western world is as reminiscent of the Roman Empire as it was during it's final days before the fall. It's leaders weak, it's peoples divided and full of immoralities and filth, and with hordes of barbarians within its borders.
  14. Coptic Christian's are being slayed and persecuted every day and not a thing is done, yet when the Serbs made a move to tidy their house the whole of NATO came down on them! I wonder how long it is until the old European nations become as 'Balkanised' as the former republic of Yugoslavia did and how long and bloody the resulting civil strife and conflict will be...
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