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  1. Both sold pending usual, cheers
  2. Yes they both have the sub reticle done a pic. Pm me cheers
  3. Selling my mambas that I had on Fac air and rimfire after upgrading. Both in fair condition no nasty crimping but a little wear on the dials, optics in good condition first set is the mamba lite 3-12x44 I have the box for this £115.00 posted. Second is the mamba lite 4-16x44 no box but will go well packaged£115.00 posted or if you want to collect Gravesend kent £110.00 each.
  4. I had exactly the same situation as this, I got a closed ticket they told me every new permission I get I had to send in permission slips and wait for them to send me letter back before I could shoot, well I got in touch with basc and he emailed the head of kent firearms and I have it in black and white as long as I know the land is cleared I am good to go so after this on my next new permission I just phoned to check it was cleared and they said it was so I said thanks and started shooting. Had a call from flo a few days later saying the land had to be checked and I had t I send in permission forms and I told him about my email I had from the head of Kent firearms, anyway he got back to me and said I was good to go and also said they will open my ticket as was sending in new permissions every few weeks and causing them a lot of work so result at the end. Get in touch with basc as you don't have to keep sending in permission forms as long as you know the land is cleared.
  5. Nikon monarch scope wanted . Any for sale .
  6. Sounds good, will pop in gun shop and have a look through some before I buy, fed up with the mambas whiting out, cheers for the feedback
  7. Hia David. How are you getting on with the hawke panorama on ya anschutz, I was following this thread as I have been thinking about changing scopes,I'm currently have mtc mamba lite on both a Fac rapid and a anschutz 22 Rimfire but having trouble with whiting out on both of them in low light conditions, have tried lowering mounts to get a better eye posisition but they still white out a lot, would be interesting to know how you are getting on with the Hawks scopes cheers nigel
  8. i have just found the original shroud and daystate silencer so will include this with the sale.
  9. for sale is my daystate huntsman in .177 , purchased from the airgun centre around 16 months ago, has just come back from daystate having had a service on 27/04/2015 as can be seen in the photos below i have the ticket from daystate. comes with a full hugget silencer and shroud which is ultra quiet compared to the daystate one, nikko stirling 4-12x50AO scopes 1 magazine and case that has a tear in that i done so my torch would fit, swivel studs fitted but does not come with the bipod. only selling as i have my fac and this gun is just not getting used, cracking stock on this with just a few slight scratches under the stock from general use and has 2 small dents where I collapsed the legs on bipod too quickly right near the gauge, gun shoots spot on and can be Tested if required, collection only preferred from gravesend kent maybe willing to drive and meet if costs covered but face to face only thanks £550 May do a deal on a wardy near eye nv setup or similar, http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/a...mage.jpg10.jpg http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/a...mage.jpg12.jpg http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/a...image.jpg8.jpg http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/a...image.jpg6.jpg http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/a...image.jpg4.jpg http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/a...image.jpg2.jpg http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/a...image.jpg3.jpg http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/a...image.jpg1.jpg http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/a...image.jpg7.jpg http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/a...mage.jpg11.jpg http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/a...mage.jpg13.jpg http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/a...image.jpg9.jpg
  10. In the same phone call I was also enquiring to see if 2 different pieces of land had been cleared for 22lr. The lady on the phone told me that one was ok and to get the written permission slip sent to them but the other piece of land was cleared but she said it had expired and would need to be checked by a visit by my feo to be cleared again, seems different parts of the country have there own policy's . My Fac certificate actually states I can shoot on any land that has been deemed safe by the chief of police, it does not state that I have to get written permission for every piece of land , I have just gone along with it as I get on ok with my feo although I have been advised I have no need to do this, has anyone else had this same thing happen
  11. I,m also from North kent . Had my Fac for a few months now for fac air and 22lr. I also have a closed ticket. I thought that as long as the land had been passed for the calibre you are using then you was good to go, I phoned Kent police headquarters with a couple of new permissions and was told they were cleared for what I was using so I said I can start shooting then , I was told on the phone that I cannot start shooting these other pieces of land until I have sent Kent police written permission for these pieces of land, I thought this was wrong so I phoned my feo and he told me it was Kent police new policy that this it what I had to do, pain in the arse as a lot of farmers and people I shoot for don't want to be bothered filling forms in and I just don't want to keep bothering them, I would check with your feo first
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