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  1. Found some info for you http://www.terrierman.com/macdonald.htm
  2. Thanks for the comments, was thinking patterdale or russell.
  3. My bitch is 11tts and she can get them like, but really you want a leggy one about 13tts can cover distance better
  4. What type of terrier is best for all round bushing working ect?? A Patterdale??
  5. Right people, The lamp is clulite Model LA4.. 50 pounds no offers comes with charger and battery.
  6. Haven't heard of any lately might get a dog pup myself
  7. I dont know what the model is mate it has 2 bulbs one a small one for seeing fences and that and then it has a proper beam. I can have a look see if it has a make.
  8. Try when he sees another dog just pull the lead say no if it dont work give him a dig with your foot on his chest not massive just a knock to make him put his attention on you.. Or something else so he pays more attention to you maybe learn him to fetch and give him a ball
  9. Nice one I might look at getting a beddy whippet How tall is your dog?
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